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> Issue 5 > Page 17 - Remembering St. Paul's Island, Part One

Page 17 - Remembering St. Paul's Island, Part One

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1973/7/1 (1820 reads)

gave it three hard pushes and the af? terbirth came. After that came I was frightened of hemorrhaging, I called Mrs, MacLennan, She just took a blan- Sarah Gwinn: I had a baby born out there with no doctor. My husband brought the things I needed. I had lifted a trunk and it was quite heavy. I knew I wasn't the same. I was seven months pregnant. There was a storm. The lightkeeper's wife and her husband must have been an hour and a half before they got to our place. She was very nervous. There was nothing she could do for me at all, I said You go sit out in the hall till I call you, 0' Dr, Munro sent a message to press down on the lower part of my stomach, so I did. Then I just took two bad pains and the baby came. The telegram -#5, was on the chair, Wilson brought me '' l''
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