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Page 46 - A Visit with Dave Epstein

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1983/12/1 (1023 reads)

She was taking provisions to the Eskimoes. They had a fellow from Canadian Press on board the boat. And they went from Sydney to North Sydney. They saw a couple of my signs, took the signs with them to Baffin Island. And in Baffin Island: "So many miles to Dave Epstein's." They sent me a picture of this, and they sent a copy to the Toronto Star. The Toronto Star used to supply pictures for other papers, you know, Europe, whatever. I got letters from Afri? ca, got letters from different places. "The Sydney tailor," they called me. And write-ups, all kinds of write-ups. Piles and piles. (Did someone teach you how to sell?) No, no, it came to me. One thing brings anoth? er, you see. Like you read the paper. You're interested in the paper. You find ways and means how to produce a paper. That's the same way with me. I knew how to sell, in that little way of mine--some salesman. I always believed in quality. Never fooled the public. I discovered it, that Cape Breton has got a lot of men that cannot be fitted. Tall like you, short, stout. And I was the agent at that time, had an exclusive line of Fashion Craft clothes. And I was with them, and the de? signer- -I could do anything with him. So we designed for a short man, for a tall man, for a stout man. Suits up to 66. There was a circus came in once in Sydney, on a Saturday. And there was a fellow that was with the circus, he was in a year be? fore and I sold him some stuff. He happens to be a musician, and he joined up with the Barnxam and Bailey show. Coming to Syd? ney, he said while they were coming, "Boys, we're going to Sydney, don't buy"--they were in Saint John, they were in Moncton, they were in Halifax. He said, "I'll take you to a place in Sydney, a friend of mine." They came in. About 9 o'clock, this fellow walked in. Did I remember him? Even though I didn't remember, I would say, "Yes." "Don't close up the store tonight." And I had a promotion they gave me from the Fashion Craft: a suit • 4-piece suit • 1, 2, 3, and a pair of plus fours that we wore in those days. And we stayed open. We sold 34 suits from 12 o'clock to 4 o'clock in the morning. That's the kind of promo? tion I used to do. I used to go in for big promotions. What I didn't do, my God. And how they worked. Once a circus came in that had a little midget. And they came to my store. I said, "I can fit you with a suit." I put it on him, went. That helped. All these things helped. It gives you ammunition. So, there it is. 'S*s-
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