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Page 42 - 1895: With Sarah Denny

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/8/1 (968 reads)

Indians, "No," they blocked him. Said, "No. Leave them there. You go your way." So, he had to go. That girl was still saying, "Those are expensive. You shouldn't leave them up there," But that old man, Indian man, was telling them, "Go. Leave them." So, they left. He walked on the boat. He went back on the boat. And he didn't at? tend all the Mission, you know, from day one till it ends. He just went for this procession. But while he was walking, he was walking normally, and he didn't even know where he lost his crutches. ' That's a sacred island, where we have our Mission. That's where they started from. When this Indian-speaking priest--they were French missionaries--they came over there. There was no church there on Chapel Island. (The priest) wanted to show them how to say mass. He wanted a table, like an altar. That's what we call the Big Rock now. And while they were looking for it, all over the place, they couldn't find it. There were little rocks there. But there was this big huge rock all of a sudden. They moved the rock and they brought it up. And that's where they had the mass. That was the first time they had the mass there. And everybody comes from all over (to Cha? pel Island Mission), even people that are from Boston area, and all those places where our people are. They'll make it. They'll make it. They try to get down. There are a lot of people from all over the place, even people from Florida, they come, try and make it to that special day. (Is it a lot of people that go to it, then, over the years?) Oh, yeah. There's lots of people go to it. But now, it's starting to slack down a little bit, because there's things have changed so much. Before, the Grand Council was the power. The Grand Chief would give each man a job to do. And then there was deep respect within that is? land. Like, people couldn't come on the is? land if they were drunk. They had a Jail. Island. There'd be two people, they are like constables. Soon as they see you drunk, or drinking, or even if somebody smells you and reports you--put you on a boat and take you to Jail Island. They take you there and they drop you off and they leave you, so you.could stay there un? til you sober up. And nobody said anything about it, nobody fussed over it. CONTINUED NEXT PAGE George's ENTERPRISES & LAUNDROMAT BADDECK "Self service is better than no service at all! Hyland Restaurant Inverness Open year round to Cape Bretoners and their friends, featuring good home cooking and seafood at its best. EAT IN 258-9914 TAKE OUT ~ FULLY LICENSED ~ P.O. Box 1644 Sydport Industrial Park Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada BiP 6T7 Phone: (902) 564-5461 Telex: 019-35296 Contact: JOHN J. CAMPBELL CAPE BRETON OFFSHORE FABRICATORS LIMITED Steel fabricating plant. - Computerized/photo-cell profile burner - A large variety of machine shop equipment We do all types of light and heavy duty fabrication. A lot depends on what we do • a lot of. lives -- and' a lot of jobsl , WE MEET THE CHALLENGE '(42) Home of the PEERLESS <'A • l_ SHOWPLACE .''WlIC TILE SHo, 199 TOWNSEND ST., SYDNEY, N.S. P.O. Box 1660,-BIP 6T7 Tel.: 562-8453 COME HOME TO KENT From the instant you step into a Kent Home, you know you've crossed the border from the ordinary to the extra? ordinary. Here will be homes which are nothing short of a miracle in today's world of high priced homes. Impressive, Inspiringly designed homes. With distinctive appealing exteriors and superb well-planned Interiors. But at Kent, we want you to shop around. Look at what everyone else has to offer. Look at their designs, their floor plans, their prices and especially... their quality. Look at everything you get InskJe and out Then... VisK Kent You'll want a home- builder that has made a commitment to quality... the kind of commitment that Kent Homes has made for over 25 years. Look at our homes closely. Compare design and engineering. Compare standard features. Compare constructfon details. And then compare value. Kent quality homes are built for life. Start living. COME HOME TO VALUE COME HOME TO KENT. Visit our model homes today. Special showings avaBabie bf appoint? ment or ff your prefer well visit you at your Kent Homes Helping to build Atlantic Canada for over 25 years MODEL HOME AND SALES OFFICE: Sydney Sydney-Glace Bay Highway. 539-4; Sydney, N. S. BIP 6G6 ' ' OPEN HOURS:
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