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Page 45 - A New Tape Offer! "Cape Breton Fiddlers on Early LPs"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/1/1 (1119 reads)

taken up Michael Coleman's four-part Key of D reel setting. WEE DAVIE: See music transcription. MISS CAMERON REEL. Accompanied by Loretta Beaudry, Rodeo LP 1247. Sec? ond Medley • The strathspey WILLIE FRASER was com? posed by the late Donald Angus Beaton of Mabou. STEPHANIE MARIE MACLEAN is a reel by D&n R. MacDon? ald. MACKENZIE FRASER: Reel. Third Medley • ISABEL'S STRATHSPEY. 0 SHE'S COMICAL is the old setting of the tune that became a stan? dard four-part bagpipe reel known as "Duntroon." And the alternate name for "Duntroon" is "The Glen Where My Love Lives." THE SMITHS BURN: Reel. THE MACLELLAN TRIO: Theresa and Donald, violins; Marie, piano; Celtic LP 13. First Medley • BOG-AN- LOCHAIN or ATHOL CUMMERS: A popular stepdancing strathspey. FLORA MACDONALD: A four-part Cape Bret? on setting of an ancient Scottish reel. REEL: (Tra? ditional) . Second Medley • MISS GRACE MENZIE: Strathspey. See music transcription. CAMERONIAN RANT: Reel, probab? ly learned from the Skye Collection. LASS OF BAL- LANTRAE: Reel by Simon Fraser. Second Medley • THE FLANNEL JACKET: Called "The Fal? len Jacket" on the original LP. Johnny had to tune his fiddle down a whole tone for this one, because the only tin whistle in the studio was a Clark, which is only available in the Key of C. So he is actually playing the fiddle in the Key of F but us? ing G fingering. Third Medley • HUGHIE SHORTIE'S REEL: See music transcription. WALKER STREET REEL: This tune is known in Quebec as "The Worker," which translates "' as "Le Travailleur." The Irish call it "The Trav? eller." DAN R. MACDONALD, accompanied by Colin R. Maclnnis, Celtic LP 42. First Medley • THE BOYS OF THE LOCH/ DEVILS IN DUBLIN: Michael Coleman played them to? gether as a four-part Irish reel called "Boys of the Loch," whereas Dan R. plays them as two sepa? rate tunes • a four-part tune then a two-part tune. Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald called it "Mist on the Loch" on an LP. The title "Devils in Dublin" comes from Irish flute player Seamus Tansey of County Sligo. Second Medley • Clogs. LADY HARTWELL OF CANTWELL and BILL BLACK'S. Third Medley • MISS INA MORRISON: March. STRATHSPEY: (Traditional). MAGNETIC REEL. BRANDLINGS: Reel, called by the Irish, "Colonel Rodney." JOHNNY WILMOT, accompanied by Margaret MacPhee, pi? ano; Billy MacDonald, guitar; Tommy Basker, harmon? ica; M. Legere, bass; Chris Langan, tin whistle; Celtic LP 43. First Medley • Jigs. THE FROST IS ALL OVER: Or "The Kettle Boils Over" or "The Prattles Are Dug." THE LARK IN THE MORNING: Irish piper Seamus Ennis called it "The Lark's March." Third Medley • Jigs. HIGH MACKENZIE'S JIG, BRESSEY SOUND JIG, and THE ROYAL IRISH JIG. DAN JOE MACINNIS, accompanied by Loretta Beaudry, Rodeo LP 1247. MARCH TO THE RENDEZVOUS is taken from Alexander Walker's Collection of original tunes published in the 1860s. JAMES WARES: Strath? spey. MISS FOGO: Reel. Dan R. MacDonald Photo by Ron Maclnnis How to Order the Cassette Tape: "Cape Breton Fiddlers on Early LPs" is now available on a one-hour cassette tape. It is available only by writing to Cape Breton's Magazine, and will not be in stores?? The cas? sette contains all the tunes listed above, played by violinists Dan R. MacDonald, Dan Joe Maclnnis, Donald MacLellan, Theresa MacLellan, and Johnny Wilmot, and their accompanists. This is a good quality production of rare studio performances. The cassette costs $7.00. Nova Scotia residents, please add 70c for provincial sales tax. Those who want the tape mailed outside of Canada, please add $1.00. Order as many as you like. We'll be happy to mail gifts for your family and friends anywhere in the world. Nova Scotia $7.70 Rest of Canada $7.00 Outside Canada $8.00 Send cheque or money order to: CAPE BRETON'S MAGAZINE, Wreck Cove, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia BOC IHO Good People Sea & Shore Services Inc. Under New Management and Serving the Fisherroen --No Job Is Too Big or Too Small Dry Dock Services Haul Work • Steel & Wood (Corking) Engine Work • Certified Diesel Mechanic Welding • High Pressure Brazing, Aluminum (Shop & Mobile) Divers Available Carmel Ship Supplies Specializing in Fishermen's Needs Reasonable Prices Friendly Honest Service 24 Hours a Day Hydraulics • Hoses & Fittings Supplied & Installed, up to 2-Inch Hydraulic Pumps • Repaired by Certified Mechanic Machine Shop • Shafts (Machined, Straightened & Sprayed) Propeller Repairs & General Machinery We are geared and ready to cater to the fishermen as never before. We Estimate -- You Decide Make Your Life Easier -- Try Us 255 Commercial St., North Sydney TEL.; 902-794-4741
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