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> Issue 45 > Page 25 - Anne Morrell, Margaree Valley "Seasons of My Life"

Page 25 - Anne Morrell, Margaree Valley "Seasons of My Life"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/6/1 (1619 reads)

(And then the whole centre of the quilt is your farm and family.) Yeah. And the house, before it was re-shingled. (You have a dress on!) Yeah, I did that from a photo? graph. We were going to an antique car show. So I had made a dress that had an old feel to it, and Garry had on kind of ' old-time clothes. See, the whole feeling of the quilt is--I wanted to portray, like the verse I put in there--the feeling of using the best of today with the best of traditional. So the blocks have a feeling to them that, even though they're done (with) a modern method--they're done with machine applique--it still has an old folky feeling to it, to the whole quilt. And it kind of echoes the lifestyle, in that we take advantage of technology that doesn't really harm the environment, it makes life easier. But at the same time we still value the traditional things like or? ganic farming and that. (I like the boldness of it, in the sense that it isn't the family's quilt. It real? ly is your own. It would have been quite a different quilt if it was the life of Gar? ry Morrell.) Yeah. Actually, I thought, I really should do one about him at the same time. But you know, it was just a matter of, I didn't have an excuse to do it. And I almost did one after he died, so I'd have one for the kids with the same feel? ing to it. But then I thought. Well, how am I going to decide which one I give to which kid? Who gets the father and who gets the mother? For Ezra, I talked to him before about do? ing one with the house, and the changes through the years. I mean, that would have a whole story for him, too, because he'd see himself growing up, and then he'd see, there'd be Garry absent. And after that, who knows what's going to turn up on it. So, it'd kind of be fun. It would bring back a lot of memories for him, "Remember when we put the greenhouse on." "Remember when we put the root garden out front." "Remember when we tore this down." I'd just have to gather up the old pictures of the house. I can still see the house as we first saw it when we drove up here, with thistles all growing up around it, and the shed falling off the back, and all this stuff thrown around inside. So that would be the starting point. And the first couple squares, Ezra wouldn't be there. That's the plan, whether or not I ever get around to it. If I start it, I'm fine. I'm trying to gather up the photographs. It would be a good one to use for one of the shows. "In Progress." Ezra and Amish Morrell
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