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Page 31 - Donald John MacMullin with Malcolm Campbell

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1975/3/31 (1292 reads)

horse and wagon and they picked up Ned Brov-m's daughter and they were coming down at the foot of Dutch Brook Hill • she got awful scared • they didn't know what was wrong with her • they couldn't see anything • but there was this ball of light, about the height of the shaft, following right along. Now, that was all right. Maggie Fer? guson was looking out the window toward the road. There was an opening where they could see a bit of the road. And she saw this light going by. Johnny Hayes and one of the boys, just turning at the end of the Woodbine Road with a horse and wagon • they saw it. And it went out back of Lower Woodbine Road and it went up the way of John R. Campbell's. The MacLean kids were in their fields and they saw it. And it went in back of John R. Campbell's. And there was never a god-damned thing....The only thing I know the power line came down through there. Donald John: It wouldn't have any connection with Roddy Cameron? Malcolm: No. Roddy didn't go there. He went from Collins to Sydney, the body, and from there to the cemetary. Donald John: You know, you might hear things that would frighten you • various things • there was things...but I don't know. There was something like that saving me. It was right here alongside of me. I was out to Victoria Bridge. And vie went to a dance myself and Hughie. And the lake and swamps was alongside the road, you know. I was never at the place before. It wasn't so far from my aunt's but I was never there. And somehow or another Hughie went ahead, and I missed him. I could hear them on the ice, and I could hear them: "Don't go out that far, that's bad." Well, I was standing alone. But I heard walking ahead of me. And I heard ice breaking and I ivent after hira and I couldn't catch him. And that walking came to my aunt's clearing. I didn't catch nobody, didn't see nobody. But the walking vas there, I could hear the walking, I could hear the clamper of ice breaking. He kept me on the road. But I don't believe those things you hear near the graveyard at all. Malcolm: Nor do I • the fellow's so scared he hears anything. Donald John: You're scared, you know, and you're gonna hear that • but I don't believe it. I don't believe a man is going to die there's nobody going to take his footsteps. Donald John: Nothing ever hurt my grandfather physically, that he ever met, he told me. No. He was 96 when he died. And he could thread the needle • black spool thread • and he could sew a patch on his knee. He could see signs, you know, that there xvas something going'to happen. It's just a matter of a kind of film on your eye. You'll see it plain enough. And if you see it, it's true. If you want the double sight you can haye it. Yes. My grandfather. Anything at all that was moving, he'd see it. I We Buy & We Sell and We're as Near as your Telephone Sid s Used Furniture Phone 564-6123 436 Charlotte Street, Sydney OHAL)'Maple Orchard Restaurant, General Store Shell Service Station Skir Dhu, on the Cabot Trail OChWSrtZ of New Waterford "The Store that Knows Style" The Moxham Room Dine in the warm congenial atmo? sphere of our well-appointed dining room. Fine food, attentive service and a comprehensive wine list. You'll enjoy dining with ui. Call on us soon. Holiday Inn of Sydney, Nova Scotia 480 King's Road Telephone (902) 539-6750 CampGi CampGill Lighthouse Cape Breton Shopping Plaza Sydney River, Nova Scotia CampGill Electrical Supplies Ltd. P. 0. Box 386 Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia TWOlCO PHARMACY ONE STOP SHOPPING for Health & Beauty Operated by Mansons .Over 70 Years of Service Cape Breton's Magazine/31
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