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Page 77 - Alex Storm: Treasure Ship Chameau

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/6/1 (970 reads)

imposing obstacle. Rushing over the reef, it was strong enough to make us hang onto the bottom for dear life, anchor lines be? coming essential for divers descending or ascending. Fog settled in occasionally, without warning, making the return to port a nightmare of dodging cliffs, shoals, and sunkers. And there was the ever-present cold. Even our wetsuits provided slight protection. When we surfaced after a dive, we were usually chilled to the bone. We spent hours shivering in front of a tiny stove in the shelter of the wheelhouse but we persevered. Towards the end of June, exciting new evi? dence was discovered. During a couple of days when diving was out of the question, our boat drifted away from Chameau Rock, assisted by an unusually strong rip tide running towards the shore. Leaning over the side of the boat, I scrutinized the bottom through our waterglass and, just as I was about to remark how fast the bottom rushed by, I saw two cannons! This was ex? citing, for laying at a distance of about 400 feet from the rock, it gave us a defi? nite indication of the path taken by the wreck ship. We dropped a marker buoy and continued in the same direction where, at a distance of about 700 feet from the rock, we discovered a large anchor. Pinned underneath there seemed to be more materi? al. It was a week later before we returned to this latest find to verify what else was down here. The material underneath the large anchor turned out to be an iron cannon and a mas? sive angle iron, perhaps having been part of the bracing for the cathead. Not far Alex Storm and his partners with some of the first artifacts found, 19 September 1965. Left to right: Harvey IVlacLeod, Dave l/lacEachern, and Alex Storm. from this assemblage a single cannon ball was found, and swimming through the gully, back towards Chameau Rock, another cannon Welcome to Baddeck on the Bras d*Or Lakes ART • HANDCRAFTS ANTIQUES • WOOLENS IMPORTED GOODS BOOKS • MUSIC "Purchases mailed/shipped to any destination" Located in the Centre of Baddeck JiS ynufood 295-2950 • Bill & Anna Marie Fraser 295-2234 Serving Breakfast Daily . FULLY LICENSED • Air Conditioned Seating Capacity of 140 Tour Buses Welcome (reserve in advance) FAMILY RESTAURANT Affordable Welcomes you to PriceS • DOWNTOWN BADDECK • Specializing in seafood & Chinese cuisine "" 1' Environment Environn??m??nt Canada Canada Canadian Parks Service canadien Service des pares ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL NATIONAL HISTORIC PARK No Admission Charge 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Year Round 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. July 1 to Sept. 30 Open 7 Days a Week BELL THE MAN * BELL THE EXPERIMENTER * HYDROFOIL HALL Beautiful, Intelligent and Peaceful BADDECK, N. S. 75 km. west of Sydney on Route 105 Children Can Build & Fly a Bell Kite Special Evening Presentations Inquire 295-2069 for Times CanadS
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