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Page 71 - Wreck of the Hurry On - Judique

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1 (990 reads)

Five Perish as Ship Founders Are Washed From Mates' Tiring Arms Seamen Of Hurry On Deny Tossing Bodies From Lifeboat: Land At Judique Judique, Sept. 24--Five men died in the grip of giant combers and numbing cold, their bodies, all save one, washed ashore from the tiring arms of their almost unconscious mates as the crew of the Halifax motorship Hurry- On were tossed in the pitiless Atlantic after their ship sank early Monday evening. A water-filled lifeboat, freighted with one dead body and seven uncon? scious men, washed up on the shores of this little Cape Breton village at dawn today brought first news of the tragedy. On his hands and knees one seaman dragged him? self to a nearby house to Newspaper Accounts and Memories WHERE HURRY ON SANK / :- k % : % % WHERE SURVIVORS LANDED 9 ]? "-' ' r' ;'? ' 1 Four of the survivors, left to right: Gus Carmichael, St. Ann's, C.B., Chief En? gineer Herman Schade, Halifax, Joseph Cacopar- do. Cook, Halifax, and Gilbert Boyd, Truro. The second picture is that of the battered lifeboat which was washed ashore in Judique with one dead and six nearly dead seamen. Peggy Rankin told us: "The waves took it In and jammed It between two rocks, is what my father told me. Dad said it was just lucky, just where the boat landed, because he said there were two rocks there, and it just sort of jammed, and It couldn't go back out with the waves." seek aid. Vil? lagers found in the boat the dead body of one of the crew, three unconscious men, and on the beach a fourth overcome by ex? posure and exhaustion. Peggy Ranl
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