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Page 16 - Stories about Buried Treasure

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1977/8/1 (1369 reads)

had only gone maybe 100 yards or 200 yards from shore • the storm was over. They came home and one of the women said, "My, you people didn't stay long." Her husband said, "No, of course we didn't stay long. We weren't going to stay'in that storm. You people would be worried about us." "What do you mean," she said, "worried about you?" He said, "Didn't you have a terrible thunder storm?" "No," she said, "we didn't have a storm of any kind all night." Up in Richmond County, they were digging at this place and they figured they were get? ting pretty close to whatever was there • and they heard a queer scream and cawing and when they looked, the area was covered with crows from where they were as far down along as they could see • there was nothing but crows. "Let's forget about it, we won't bother with this any more." And down at Big Pond Centre • there were fellows down there digging • and the man who told me, I'm sure he was pretty truthful about it • said that they left. Said that the crows got so bad you couldn't hear anything, screaming, every tree around had a bunch of crows on it and it was just like they were going wild. And no cause for it because they weren't dis? turbing anything. The crows when they were on the trees at night were roosting, but no, those were crowing and screaming and screetching around • and the fellow said. "Let's leavis, we'll forget about it." Two different places where the crows had chas? ed them. They were telling me they were at Irish Vale one night. They were digging right by the shore, by the beach. And they heard the noise, and a ship was just putting a- bout, turning about and sailing right a- cross • well it came in as near as it would ordinarily come"to shore. And it seems they were being silent that night, keeping silent • and when the ship came, somebody spoke. And it was all over with, you couldn't find anything • you could dig down, but what you were digging for was gone. They often say if you spoke it would go deeper or shift around, one or the other. And they claim if you struck it with a bar • if you pushed a bar down and it struck a box or a pot of something--leave the bar there. Don't take the bar up any? more. And keep digging around. And some? times it works, and more times it didn't work. I've known of it myself, that the bar struck something solid and took up the bar, and the next time it went down through maybe another 18 inches or more without anything to hinder it • the same hole. It was gone. I've even known where the bar wasn't removed • just taken up so far and pushed back again • and it was gone. Camping Supplies Gifts Groceries PIPER'S Restaurant andlrailer Court INDIAN B R O O K, on the Cabot Trail Flowers for All Occasions Ashby Nurseries Sydney: 174 Ashby Road 564-8162 Glace Bay: Sterling Mall 849-6292 New Waterford: Plummer Ave. 862-3374 Florists Telegraph Delivery Association Enjoy a beautiful day of golf at the . . . Dundee Sol! Course 9-HOLE PUBLIC GOLF COURSE Located at Dundee, Richmond County in Cape Breton, on a beautiful site overlooking the Bras d'Or. DUNDEE is 17 miles from Port Hawkesbury Off Route 104 C & G MadEOD LIMITED Books on Canada and Gape Breton The Largest Display of Souvenirs in Cape Breton Mail Orders I 361 Charlotte Street - P. O. Box 658 SYDNEY, NOVA SCOTIA CANADA A Specialty
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