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Page 19 - A Letter About The Lynx

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1973/3/1 (1577 reads)

A LETTER ABOUT THE LYNX For about two years I ran a small store on the road to Louisdale just off Highway 4, but lived about three an.d a half miles away up Black River Road. The last winter I was there I was compelled to walk home each night at about nine o'clock. One night in late November I had just reached a quarter to half mile stretch of woods when I heard a noise overhead. It was like the sound made by a house cat "talk? ing" to you. I turned on my flashlight, which I never used because I knew the road and one's eyes get used to the dark, and shined it up towards the sound. There, grinning down at me was a large lynx, reminding me of the Cheshire cat and not at all frightening. As I contin? ued on my way home I heard him keeping pace with me up in the trees and caught glimpses of him jumping gracefully from branch to branch. At the clearing he left Two or three nights a week he was there to accompany me through the woods. Near spring • I think early March • he didn't show up again and I realized that he must have found more suitable female companion ship. Alice Campbell Pointe Claire, Quebec Cape Breton's MAGAZINE i''eet of the Canada Lynx (Half size) hindfoot of large male in winter; hindfoot and front paw of female in summer • drawings by Eo T. Seton. SKIR DHU CAPE BRETON You will notice on page one that Cape Breton's Magazine has been granted Second Class mailing privileges, which gives us a considerable savings in pos? tage. This savings now permits us to offer the same subscription rates on and off Cape Breton Island • 6 issues of Cape Breton's Magazine for $4.50. Pre? sent subscribers an Canada will receive 7 magazines to offset their having paid $5.00, Those in the United States will receive 8, And our thsmks to all of you for your early encouragement. SEND AN INTRODUCTORY COPY If you would like to send a single copy to introduce a Cape Bretoner or a friend of Cape Breton off the island, to Ca'e Breton's Magazine • we'll do the mailing for you. And we'll pay the postage. Just" send us a list of people you would like NOVA SCOTIA Edited & Published by Ronald Capian MARCH 1973 Please send the next 6 issues of Cape Breton's Magazine to: Name ; Address Enclosed is a check money order: 4.50 anywhere in the world Start with Number 1 A gift from 4. to receive issue Number One and 75
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