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Page 43 - Harry MacKenzie: Building the Causeway

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1980/6/1 (467 reads)

ones that really got it going, but they themselves recognized that they weren't the ones to head it up. In a community like this, where there's strong labour-- well, they don't hate them, but they don't feel they can represent the people. The Board of Trade recognized this and they moved from the forefront into the back- ground--but they still did a lot of work. But they didn't claim the credit. Any went to the Canso Crossing Association. It was an attempt to get a broader base: coal, steel, big business. Board of Trade, and myself, the neutral fellow. And god, we had a lot of meetings. Then Eddie Corbett would carry information back to the steel? workers , Freeman Jenkins would carry it back to the United Mine Workers. We were getting these groups to back us up, show government that we had the support of the U.M.W., the steelworkers, all the service clubs and church groups, plus the business community--any group at all, we'd go to them asking for support, But it's hard to say what really put it over, Angus L, was always for it • whether a bridge or a causeway. I'm sure he was looking for a chance to help Cape Breton. And I think Angus L. deserves the credit for the spadework that was done federally. He had quite a bit of clout and went out for it in Ottawa. And looking back, when he saw he had the backing of the people, I'm sure this influenced his decision. Looking back, you wonder that it worked as well as it did. I never went to Ottawa. We steered clear of the pressuring. But it had a lot of publicity and it had support all over the island. Harry MacKenzie: Building the Causeway Blasting away at the face of Cape Porcupine; then loading rocks aboard a 34-ton Euclid truck for a ride to the scales; then dumping over the end of the growing Causeway. Harry MacKenzie, Waverley: In October of 1950 my old friend 0. J. McCulloch wrote me a letter, said he had his design for the Canso Causeway. But it was a deep se? cret then. Nobody was to tell anybody. And he wanted to know if I'd take the job as resident engineer. It was to be announced by the Premier and the Minister of Trans? port. It hadn't been announced but it had been discussed, oh yes. For years and years. It was supposed to be a bridge at one time, but the Causeway was the only thing. And it served a dual purpose: made a beautiful harbour, and they've got some? thing permanent. They don't have to be painting it all the time. And there won't be any repairs on it. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE (43)
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