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Page 6 - Guiding for Salmon on the Margaree

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1980/8/1 (325 reads)

from the States. He got together with Pat, made up this brown fly with kind of a sil? ver body on it--called it a Brown Bomber. It was a real good fly. It's not so good now. I don't know why. Different year or different fish or something--doesn't take as good as it used to. There were a lot of them. They made a Black Bomber too. Green Highlander and the Mickey Finn. (And they worked well?) Well, that's up to the fish. You might fiddle all day over a' bunch of fish and never see one move, and somebody come with some damn old thing, and the first thing they've got a fish on. Down at the Forks Pool down here. This fellow had a game leg. I think he had been a football player. Hobbling along. And he came and he waded out in the river with waders on--way up above the head of the pool where the other fellows weren't fish? ing, because he didn't want to get down where the crowd was--he couldn't move, on? ly just take his time. He stood up there and he fished. He had a great big white line on; cripes, you could see it half a mile away. I don't know what kind of a fly he had on. Well, I'll bet he stayed there probably an . hour, hour and a half, fishing away. Never changed his fly. Stood in the one place there. Just about 20 minutes before dark, hooked a salmon. When you hook a salmon like that, the people on the pool are sup? posed to stop fishing. It's courtesy more than anything else in one way--but if I hook a fish here, you don't know where that fish is going--he's going to go all over thej>ool. Well, if you hook a fish a- bove me or below me, your fish is liable to do the same thing--and they're liable to get tangled up and we'll lose them both. When I was guiding, if somebody hooked a fish below me, I'd make him keep him down? river, not let him come up where the one I was gui,ding had a fish on. And if he couldn't keep him there, hold him till he'd break away. That was saving the fish for the fellow who got his first. I was protecting the one I was guiding. You had to do that. But anyway, dark came. Pitch dark. We got somebody down on the interval, on the off side, with a car, and put the lights on the pool. We knew he had a good fish on when he started. Then somebody came along with a couple of flashlights--and oh, he had him on, I would say, an hour and a half or maybe more. And where we were standing along the bank here there was a- bout 5 feet of water in close to the shore, and the fish when he got tired, the fellow that was fishing kept him in that deep water and he came in close. There was some? body there with a gaff about a foot and a half longer than mine. Pat (Jimmy's broth? er) laid down on the beach and he took the gaff and I held his hand--he could see the fish, and he thought he could gaff him far down there. I held his hand and there was somebody holding me so he wouldn't pull me in. And God, he got him. Had to be care? ful. Pat had to hang onto the gaff so the fish wouldn't get away, and we had to bring him in. I know we were there close to two hours before we landed him. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE Bill's Pet Centre M HAGEN Sydney Shopping Mall Prince Street *?B PHONE: 539-2243 Pet Supplies and Accessories A Complete Selection of Tropical Fish Exotic Birds and Small Animals 'Se seillean a'phosas daoine ri lusan Fkmmiii' Hooey Truro and Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia Town Dairy "The Biggest Little Store in Town!" Groceries Confectionaries Ice Ice Cream Soft Drinks Magazines Camping Supplies Souvenirs 1290 Main Street in the heart of Louisbourg cottages golf '' COUVM Adjacent Dundee Golf Course and Located on a particularly beautiful site overlooking the Bras d'Or Lake, Dundee Golf Course is a new professionally designed nine hole public golf course. DUNDEE GOLF COURSE AND COTTAGES Fully Equipped Housekeeping Cottages One & Two Bedroom Units Heated Swimming Pool - Natural Play Area Dining Room - Lounge Tennis Courts - Pro Shop Golf Car Rentals - Golf Cart Rentals ar?!,focated inOufldee. Cape Breton, just 17 miles East of Port Hawkesbury. (6)
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