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Page 16 - Joe David: A Story From Arichat

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1980/8/1 (336 reads)

soeurs, ca commencait p'is y aviont peur. Y aviont'toujours peur. Dans ce temps la, c'etait des scieaux d'eau p'is ils aur- aient pas et' dans le tambour se chercher de quoi a boire a force qu'ils etaient peureux. Moi j'allais dans le tambour, je boivais p'is je quittais la chopine la. Je rentrais p'is je disais, "Maudit, c'est bon de 1'eau." Mais y aviont peur, y vouliont pu rester la. J'les avions mis sur la vieille Mar? celine Boudreau, ils restaient la. lis s'en veniont a la maison le jour mais ils s'en alliont la le soir, ils voulaient pas rester. (Votre pere ou est-ce qu'il etait?) II travaillait a Mulgraye. Ca fait je commen9ais a galloper un peu. J'allais a Petit-de-Grat y avait des belles filles la, j'allais galloper. Des fois j'm'en venais tard, mais une soiree j'm'en ai venu pas trop tard. Je m'avais pas rendu a Petit-de-Grat, j'avals trouve des filles plus par icitte. J'm'en avals venu p'is j'avals ete chez la vieille, il etait passe minuit. Quand j'y fus la porte etait barree. Je voulais pas les reveiller 9a fait que j'm'en va me coucher chez nous. Je rentre la--j'avals les clefs--je rentre la et je fis me coucher. Je pouvais pas dormir, j'ai dit, "Tu peux tropigner si tu veux mais j'm'en va pas." Dans ce temps la t'avals pas des lumieres comme asteur, c'etait des lampes de kero? sene. P'is le canister de kerosene etait en haut dans le grenier. Moi, ma defunte mere elle--c'etait pauvre dans ce temps la--tout le vieux butin quand c'etait use, elle coupait les morceaux dessus p'is elle My deceased mother--we were very poor then • would take the clothes when they were worn and cut pieces from them and keep them. She had a big box upstairs that she would keep them in. When the other clothes would get torn she would get these pieces and mend them. I went up to get the canister of kerosene and it seems to me that I could see something on the box that looked like feet. I thought, "Is it my eyes that are playing tricks on me or is it real?" I started to go back downstairs and I turned around quickly. I was near to the box as that deep freeze. There was a large pair of feet turned like this, the soles of the feet turned towards me. I said to myself, "I don't know whose feet they are, but they are feet." I took the canister and went downstairs to put the kerosene in the lamp. I went back upstairs, the feet were gone. But I slept in the house all alone, the others were gone. Every night they would leave. I slept in that house and then the next day I told them. But it got so that even I didn't want to stay there. It was too bothersome, at noon and at night, something was there. There were fishermen on the other side of Cape Auget. Once we had abandoned the house, they would get up in the morning and they would see smoke coming from the chimney, but there wasn't any fire--we weren't there. There was only me who would hang around the house at all--me and my sister--but she wouldn't have slept there. There was an old man, Johnny Goyetche, who lived near us. The house is gone now. He (16) IMPOFnANT NOTICE TO MOTOR VEHICLE OWNERS STAGGERED REGISTRATION PLATES ' NOVA SCOTIA"" I XYZOOO CANADA'S OCEAN PLAYGROUND Passenger cars registered under the Staggered Registration system expire at the end of the month throughout the year as shown on the revalidation sticker and motor vehicle permit. THERE IS NO EXTENSION FOR USE BEYOND THE END OF THE MONTH SHOWN ON THE STICKER. Renewal notices will be mailed two months before the expiry date. The notice will show the expiry date of the plates by month. Renewals for staggered registration plates may not be issued earlier than two months before expiry date. Please Note: (A) Vehicle reminder notices must be signed by registered owner. (B) If you do not receive a vehicle reminder notice the registered owner is required to sign the renewal notice attached to permit and send it in with the fee shown. (C) If renewal portion of vehicle permit is lost the registered owner is required to submit a signed letter (unless applying in person) giving the vehicle description including license plate number requesting the vehicle to be registered in his or her name for 1980, or, use Form 9 obtainable from your local Examiner's Office. (D) Ensure your money order or cheque is made payable to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. REGISTRY OF MOTOR VEHICLES NOVA SCOTIA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION HONOURABLE THOMAS J. MclNNIS, MINISTER
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