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Inside Back Cover - Regarding the Birds of the Bird Islands

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1980/8/1 (236 reads)

count Cormorants, Auks, Guillemots, Puf? fins, Kittiwakes--and we mention Swallows, and if we see Sandpipers we'll note them. And if we see a RAVEN we'll note that too. (Bayley has them nesting there, a few, in 1925.) That's about all we're looking at. Dan: We're doing the birds that we feel are fragile or can be potentially endan? gered very easily, such as sea birds that a massive oil spill could wipe out over? night. (And, finally, what is the status of Bird Islands today?) Dan: One is owned by the Nova Scotia Bird Society--the inner island, Hertford. And Ciboux is owned as of about 4 years ago by Lands and Forests. Neither island has any official sanctuary status, but it's not required. The breeding birds that are out there are protected, in that any of the birds that are out there that we're con- Cape Breton's MAGAZINE cerned about, there's never a hunting sea? son on them--none of any kind. So if any? body was to shoot any of them, they are doing it illegally. And if they were to go out hunting in the fall, they wouldn't be disturbing those birds--because those birds are not there then. Dave Harris: On our new inventory, they're both classified as "critical islands"-- there are three in Cape Breton: the Bird Islands and Green Rock off of Gabarus. Dan Banks: Which means it has some unique feature which is very rare in Nova Scot- tia--rare or very easily endangered. Now if a lot of people were to go on the Bird Islands at this time of year, they could endanger the population. Even just bird watchers walking around the island. We go out once a year, and even then we avoid walking around on the island as much as we can. WRECK COVE CAPE BRETON NOVA SCOTIA Style, selection and quality for the whole family at the ISLAND'S finest DEPARTMENT STORE . 278 Charlotte St. . Mayflower Mall, Grand Lake Rd. . Sydney Shopping Mall, Prince St. experience the fashion feeling
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