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Page 26 - Rita MacNeil of Big Pond

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1980/12/1 (455 reads)

were just blown away by it all. And I went through a lot because I was so excited a- bout this material. (The song WARM AND COLD grows out of that.) Right. (And I thought that song was about a changing relationship with a fellow who proves more and more disappointing on each return.) No. But a lot of people could re? late to the song in different ways. But no, that's not what it was for me. I was coming back singing that my life is chang? ing, this is what I'm feeling, and I'm writing about it--and some people were not happy. (But look how things have changed. Look at what happened at The Pub the other night.) What happens there is really great for me. I get enough out of that Pub to take me through. That's where I get a lot of... well, I do. That's where I get a lot of my strength to go on, write. I need a lot of reassuring--that's one of my biggest prob? lems --but I sure get it there, like a great big family. It's incredible, the feeling I get there. (And they listen.) They listen. For sure, they listen to the words. And I'm very aware of them. I no? tice every move. I want to give a lot. But I get it back. (You don't try to overcome shyness by pretending you're alone, pre? tending you're not there?) Oh my god, I'm there. I want to be there. I want to see and feel everyone. I do close my eyes at certain points, but it's just because I really do get filled up. Here we go get? ting personal, but it's really quite a thing. (Come on. I'm going to push you a little on this. You're not just a perform? er, up there, with'your act together?) I never thought of myself as that and I nev? er will. And I think when I do feel like that, I'll stop writing the type of songs I write. I believe that. (I believe that too. But you talk about shyness and not wanting to get personal, but you do take risks. You're still very close to the man to whom you were married, and he was in the audience the other night when you sang SOUTHEAST WIND.) David and I collected old bottles. Ladder-back chairs and broken down rockers. When we first came together we had such ideas Full of the future and full of good feelings. (Which, without knowing he was there, is tough enough....) Right. (But what do you think of doing that? Of even writing that song, let alone taking it public?) Well, I just wrote it here at the kitchen table. Kids were off to school, and I was just thinking about life and how it's so funny. I was thinking back to when we started out, we both loved antiques, just how iron? ic, you never see down the road where you're going to be. David and I gathered up our belongings. Parted the ways when the dreams started falling. We visit the children on separate occasions And justify loneliness whenever we're able. I sat there. I never thought I'd be di? vorced. And that song just came. And the wind was blowing that day--and I was say? ing, "A southeast wind came and blew up my mind/ tore up the memories I'd long left behind/..." meanwhile I'm drinking two pots of tea, and all the tears and all the feelings were coming--how funny it was. Just a way of summing up what happened, I guess. (And then you take it public.) Right. (What does that mean?) To tell them and others, that have been through it, that it happens--and it's okay to feel a- bout it. (You know, there's still the sense of being a lady with a mission....) But now it's not limited to the women's movement. And it would be a shame if it was limited to that. I was scared at one 24-HOUR SERVICE Owned and Operated by Syl MacDonald Baddeck Ambulance Ltd. 295-2200 Fully Trained, Experienced Personnel (.26) CHICKEN CHAin fried Soutlets to servryou- C.B. Shopping Plaza, Sydney River Sydney Sliopping iMall, Prince St. Blowers St., North Sydney Sterling Mall, Glace Bay Plummer Aye., New Waterford Wheiv in Sydney, stc' by our new 'owroom at 325 Vulcan Ave., 50,000 sq.ft. of furniture, appliances, all under one roof. /dlUKMlZ /hcMJuroom/ S uxDrehou/e
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