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Page 22 - George Maxwell Family Stories - Charlotte

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1981/6/1 (344 reads)

tie gold shoemaker was not there yet. "Bet? ter go after him." The little gold shoe? maker come, said, "I have to say a few words. Is there anybody here who could say what the parrot said?" The captain was stuck. The king's daughter knew him, rushed out and took ahold of him. The cap? tain was going to be punished by order of the king. The king ordered a big cask of tar and put him in and took him out o And the little gold shoemaker and the king's daughter got married. And I left then. Charlotte Girl named Charlotte', and she went to the mountains one night looking for cattle. It got dark, and she didn't know where to go. She got into a bam, like they used to have in the country. There were people there, and she crept upstairs and lay down. There was some hay there. She felt a hard thing under her. What was under her but a sword. She heard a noise. She looked and saw a light down below. There was seven men and a big ox between them. She knew exactly she was in a robber building. She said to herself, "I am going to defend my? self." They put on a big, big fire, and commence' to roast the ox, hung it above the fire. One of the robbers came and he said, "I'll go upstairs and fix the bed." Soon as he put his head up through the hatch, she give him the sword and throwed the head off him. The other fellows done the same, she cut off the heads of them all. The last came up. She took him in the cheek. He got on a horse and went to the doctor. The doctor said it was done by the hand of a woman. One day he happened to come to Charlotte's father's house. He said to the old man. "Are you good to tell a story?"--"No, but my daughter here, she is a good story-tel? ler." So Charlotte told the story of how she killed those men. He used to visit the house, came night after night, and he wanted Charlotte to marry him. So they did get married. He came after her on horse? back. They got out of sight of the house, and he began to ride to beat the band. She said, "My head is getting sore." He told her, "Oh, your head was not getting sore when you killed my six brothers." They got home. First thing he done was to tie her to a post in the room. When he went away he used to tie her. One day he took in a servant boy. The boy said, "Do you know any way for us to get clear out of this place?" She says, "If you untie me, I'll make a way for us to get way. You get me two or three bags of meat."--"There aren't no bags."--"I'11 put the meat in my skirt. They'll let the hounds out, will hunt you out in a minute." She put the meat in two skirts. They commenced to walk. Every time they heard the dogs coming, they let go a piece of meat. That delayed them. They came to a big brook and big bridge. The meat gave out. She told boy to go into the water so the dogs wouldn't smell their tracks. Down the bank they saw a blind fox. Fox say, "Good morning. Ma'am."--"Good morning, sir." She says, "The dogs are go? ing to be here soon. What shall we do?" Fox said, "Best thing jump on my back, I'll take you clear. Do what I tell you. If you hear noise coming, try at my left ear, something there like a bean, pull it out, and throw right after you." They heard the noise of the dogs. She pulled the bean out of the fox's ear and threw it. There was mountains and hollows. They got clear. They heard the dogs again. Fox saijd. Qoalified Du'pensers Always in Att'idaaoe OWL DRUG STORE Daniel T. McKeough, Proprietor Convalescent and Sick Room Supplies Sales & Rental Drug Sundries and Cosmetics Located on Commercial Street, or write to P.O.Box 125 794-3611 North Sydney ALWAn AT tODR 8BB?1CB Isle Royale Beverages Ltd. It's the realthu'. (kike. '''e& Your authorized COCA-COLA bottler 564-8130 526-4439 245 Welton Street Sydney, N. S. I .Take a Value home today- .... ' CAPE BRETON SHOPPING PLAZA -- SYDNEY RIVER ''A 0IKt I Now We Are 3 Mayflower mall -- grand lake road M%nnlrn I IMWVV VY'/'IV'W pQj'' HAWKESBURY SHOPPING CENTRE • PORT HAWKESBURY YJOOICO I ' ALL OPEN 'TILL 10 PM DAILY P'.!:!yoTy!5i'oTJ.TPc'',! J|
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