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> Issue 28 > Page 29 - Poaching for Salmon on the Margaree

Page 29 - Poaching for Salmon on the Margaree

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1981/6/1 (295 reads)

round the country that agreed with this counting fence • And the Department of Fish? eries made awful blunders. There was an old fellow, his name was Buckles, down here where they had the fish pond at the harbour. They caught salmon there for breeding stock. They had a retaining pond they kept the salmon in. And Buckles was a great fellow, used to give a lot of his? tory about the fellows who worked there, jobs would be scarce then and they'd be conniving every year how they were going to get a job there. He owned the land and he was hired on--had a kind of first chance to get a job there. And he said they had a trap in right below the fish pond. And they were catching that fall an awful run of large salmon. And they filled his retaining pond. And one warm day--they were still putting salmon in--and one day he told me that they looked out over the pool and the salmon's tails were sticking out of the water, about half of the sal? mon's tail was sticking out, all over the pool. And Buckles told the head guy, "You're going to lose an awful lot of sal? mon; there's something wrong." "Oh," he said, "that won't hurt--we'11 catch a few more." They were still putting them in. The next day it was Buckles' job to bury the dead salmon that came out of that pool. He said, "I buried 66 of the beautifulest salmon you ever saw in your life." Well now, if you're going to waste salmon like that on the river, how is the river ever going to survive? And Buckles had seen that happen before. That's the way the Fisheries used the river. So I have no ill feeling about poaching, when things like that will go on. And that was marked "le? gal." Three salmon spearheads owned by Elwood Hart. To see more about salmon and salmon fishing, visit the Margaree Salmon Museum at Northeast Margaree.' Meadow Wood Products We repair, strip & refinish furniture of all kinds. Fine Kitchen Cabinets Home Remodeling Professional Method Quality Woodworking with the Personal Touch NORTH RIVER BRIDGE 902-929-2471 We Specialize in Camping Equipment and Clothing of All Kinds as well as Hardware. Plumbing and Electrical Supplies Rajben McEvoys General Store Ltd. INGONISH BEACH Open All Year at the entrance to the beautiful Cape Breton Highlands National Park lest drive this magnificent motoring event EUROCAR SERVICE LTD. Westmoxmt, opposite Dobson Yacht Club 564-9721 Investigate the One Stop Energy Shop HOME EIMERGYaudit LTD 653 GEORGE STREET AT BROOKLAND Sydney, N.S. BIP 1L2 (902) 539-5095 D. GOLDMAN & SONS LTD. GALLANT STREET GLACE BAY, NOVA SCOTIA. CANADA THE HOME OF FINE SEAFOOD, we have a pickup booth at the SYDNEY AIRPORT. Call us. Coast To Coast Air Shipping - Ask For Our Price List Phone: Plant (902) 849-5505. Night (902) 849-2705 Write: R O. Box 160, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, B1A 5V2 Telex: 019-35241 CHARGEX - MASTER CHARGE - VISA (29)
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