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Page 36 - Advert: Cape Breton's Magazine

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1981/6/1 (388 reads)

Have Compassion for Someone Living Away WE WANT TO REACH ALL CAPE BRETONERS! We think Cape Bretoners and friends of Cape Breton all over the world should be reading Cape Breton's Ma? gazine. But we need your help to reach them. Send them gifts of Cape Breton's Magazine and its books-- the Fourth Collectors' Edition and DOWN NORTH. If we can reach Cape Bretoners away, it will be a great- boost for the magazine, and it will make them happy beside. The Fourth Collectors'Edition of Cape Breton's magazine Issues 19 through 24 (292 pages) $6.00 The FOURTH COLLECTORS' EDITION is is? sues 19 through 24, reprinted and bound into one big 292-page book. It includes the Judique Flyer, Horse Racing on Ice, Lobster Factories a- round C.B., Visits with Marguerite Gallant and Willy Pat Fitzgerald and Art Langley and Rev. Charlie MacDon? ald, Hector Carmichael and Alex Kerr. Songs and stories in French, Gaelic and Micmac--and much, much more. Let us send you or a friend anywhere in the world, the FOURTH COLLECTORS' EDITION. It costs $6.00 and the postage. a copy of we pay all There is no space for a coupon, so to subscribe or order DOWN NORTH or . just the 4th Collectors' write us a letter. Let us know what issue to begin the subscrip? tion, whether you want DOWN NORTH in paper or hard cover, and include your cheque or money order. Write to Cape Bre- - ton's Magazine, Wreck Cove, Cape Breton, N.S. BOC IHO. DOWN NORTH Edited & Published by Ronald Caplan with the help of Bonnie Thompson & Ruth Schneider JUNE 1981 CapeBreton's M A G A ZIN.E The Book of Cape Breton's Magazine The First, Second and Third Collectors' Editions (Issues 1 through 18) are sold out and will not be reprinted. DOWN NORTH: The Book of Cape Bre? ton's Magazine is a new book published by Double- day Canada. The book is a selection of over 50 stories taken mostly from the early issues of Cape Breton's Magazine. A lot of our readers will want this book because it is a permanent collection with almost 400 photos, printed on white book paper and, of course, with no advertisements. DOWN NORTH costs $12.95 paperback and $19.95 hardcover. It makes a great gift of Cape Breton. Down North The Book of Cape Breton's Magazine Ronald Caplan, Edi( WKBCKOOfVE MOVASOOTIA You Can Subscribe to Cape Breton's Magazine Subscriptions are now sold on a 4-issue basis. There is no savings over buying the magazine at stores in Cape Breton, but there is a considerable savings in postage when you send gifts to people elsewhere in Canada or to any foreign country. And a subscription means you receive each issue as soon as it comes out. A 4-issue subscription is $6.00 in Canada, $7.00 Foreign. The current issue is Number 28. You can begin with any issue from 25 onward. In One Building Three Separate Businesses Contribute to the Progress and Shopping Enjoyment of Baddeck and Surrounding Areas Your Mini-Department Store in Baddeck, N.S. Stone's Drug Store Baddeck Home & Auto Baddeck Family Clothing Ltd
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