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Page 49 - C.M. (Clem) Anson and Steel

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1981/6/1 (235 reads)

it in that area--Windsor being in those days particularly a car-building centre. Used a lot of steel in that area. We sent steel in various types of finish-- not completely finished. Wire rods, for in? stance, from which come nails and all kinds of wire and barbed-wire fences and industrial fencing. Here in Sydney we would roll the steel into something, maybe billets, if it was going to a rolling mill up there for rolling into bars. Or we'd roll it right down to a rod here and ship it to one of these nail-producing plants which we had in Windsor, Toronto, Montreal. In other words, we had an assured market for a reasonable production here. (I suppose the choice was between enlarg? ing, say, the nail mill here in Sydney and shipping out finished nails, or shipping semi-finished material to the central mar? ket and finishing it there.) To serve the central market, yes. But we finished and shipped out of here thousands and thou? sands of tons of nails and fencing wire and barbed wire and all that sort of thing--out around through the Panama Canal up to Vancouver--brought it all the way a- cross from Vancouver to mid-Canada. (Fin? ished products from Sydney?) Yes. Finished products from the Sydney wire mill. Or in the summertime we'd ship it by lakeboat up the St. Lawrence and through the Canal and into the Lakes as far as Port Arthur--then The number of forest fires in Cape Breton is increas? ing. Last year between Ap? ril and October, 169 were reported. Fortunately, fast action by Lands and Forests crews and volunteer fire? fighters put them out before they did do much damage. Because even a small brush fire can get out of control and ignite nearby trees in seconds, early detection is essential. If you see a fire in or near the woods Sub Ranger immediately. contact your local Lands and Forests office or WHERE TO REACH US VICTORIA COUNTY Lands & Forests District Office Provincial Building, Baddeck Depot--Shore Road, Baddeck Sub Rangers George Cheverie Baddeck Maurice Curtis Bay St. Lawrence Jack MacDonald Tarbot Douglas Jackson Ingonish Dan A. MacDonald lona Allistar Neil Maclnnis R. R. No. 1, Englishtown 295-2554 or 295-2771 295-2300 295-2177 383-2293 929-2781 285-2502 622-2403 929-2347 INVERNESS COUNTY Lands & Forests District Office Whycocomagh Lands & Forests Office Northeast Margaree Sub Rangers Martin Burns Margaree Harbour Martin Angus Cameron Margaree Forks Clovis Chiasson St. Joseph du Moine Harold MacDonald R. R. No. 3, Mabou Kenneth Maclnnis Orangedale Andrew Timmons Pleasant Bay 756-2339 248-2029 235-2235 248-2455 224-2695 945-2683 756-2370 224-2075 RICHMOND COUNTY Lands & Forests District Office Provincial Building St. Peters 535-2032 Sub Rangers CAPE BRETON COUNTY Lands & Forests 564-6389 Depot or Coxheath 564-8387 Sub Rangers Brian Douglas 674-2192 R. R. No. 1, Bras d'Or William MacLean Irishvale Roy Perry Main-a-Dieu DO YOUR PART PREVENT FOREST FIRES ZX Hon. D. L. Geo. Henley, Minister Donald L Eldrldge, Deputy Minister NOVA SCOTIA DEPARTMENT OF LANDS AND FORESTS Gilbert Boudreau 226-3273 West Arichat Dan Norman MacLeod 884-2794 Stirling Roger MacLeod 587-2871 Grand River Thomas J. Matthews 345-2339 Grand Anse Donald MacLeod 587-2288 Loch Lomond AND DON'T FORGET that Burning Permits are required under the Lands & Forests Act. No person shall make, kindle or start a fire on land within a wood, forest or for? est area, or within one thousand feet of same with? out such a permit between April 1st and October 15th in the counties of Queens, Shelburne, Yar? mouth, Digby and Annapolis, and in all other coun? ties between April 15th and October 15th. Failure to comply may result in a fine of up to $200. Burning Permits are available from all locations listed above; industrial daytime permits may be ob? tained only from the Coxheath and St. Peters of? fices. (49)
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