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> Issue 29 > Page 8 - Wishie Rose: From 50 Years at Sea

Page 8 - Wishie Rose: From 50 Years at Sea

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1981/8/1 (302 reads)

% like the devil. Blowing up a gale of wind. (Then when you'd release, you'd slow up.) Oh, sure. And you'd swing your dory right before the wind and start setting your gear. One man would row, and if there was a lit? tle draft of wind, he would? n't want to row very hard. Just keeping the dory straight, that's all, with the compass, All the dories would be going down, going the same course, (And when you'd get to the end of your set?) The schoo? ner' d come down and pick you up again, pick up the dory--take the dories a- ' board. Then beat up the windward side again, to the first end you dropped' Well, then you'd stay there prob? ably for a couple hours, let your ,gear fish. You'd probably get in the bunk . ''" and have a little nap. Some-- thing or other. You had no fish on deck yet. You only just set. So then, same thing would happen again. He'd put you on a long painter and when he gets to your bouy, you let go. (And then you go along the line, taking the fish.) Well, un- derrunning, you don't take • Left, a "flying set"--dories on a long painter astern of the schooner. ?? Wishie noticed the empty dory, right *: next to the schooner's stern, "Prob? ably her fellows were sick, couldn't go in the dory. But you have to __ launch her off the deck. She was the 'J' top dory. She had to go off the deck to get the others off," CREDIT: The photographs are by Fred? erick William Wallace, taken with a Brownie box camera about 1911-14. They are part of the collection of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax. RECOMMENDED FURTHER READING: THE COD FISHERIES by Harold Innis. CANADA'S LARGEST AND BEST'NOWN RECORD STOR| SYDNEY SHOPPING MALL. PRINCE ST. Wide selection of every kind of record & cassette. Featuring cctiplete catalogue ordering & accessories. "The only record store you'll ever need." SENATOR'S CORNER, GLACE BAY WHERE TOMORROWS STYLES ARE FEATURED TODAY Jacobson's Jacobson' (8) 2 FREE Ladies' Wear MacPuffin Dollars Hudson's Bay jackets and coats Hudson's Bay blanJtets pure imported suits from Scotland impt ted cashmere soats asohair blmkets '''' ,,y '''''''' 330 Charl'- > Sxreet by a tourist S'-' ''y visiting Cape Breton Tweed & Hickory xarxan skirts and kilts Icelandic coats and sweaters and ponchos Peter Scott lamb's wool and Shetland sweaters imported pure wool skirts, sweaters and pants 332 Charlotte Street Sydney
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