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Page 2 - Old Tales of Sorcery Remembered

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1981/12/1 (453 reads)

Marie Deveau: In the old times, when the Jersey firm were here at first--there were some people here who could throw what in French we call that a sort. When you throw something on a person. (Like a spell?) Well...yes. If you're scared of them, it could easily take on you. But if you're not scared of them, they can never touch you. (Were there any sorcerers among the Acadians before the Jerse5mien came to Che? ticamp?) No, because the Jersey were some of the first people that came at The Point there, at Cheticamp Island. There were old, old people but, no, I don't think there was anything like that. (Before the dis? persion of the Acadians--when they were sent from their lands--were there sorcer? ers among them then?) No, I don't think. (Would a sorcerer be the same as a witch?) Oh yes, something like that. (Could it be a man or a woman?) It could be both, it wouldn't matter. There was a family--the whole family could. From one to the other, they were passing it. The woman could, then the man could, then some of the chil? dren could. When they were grown up, they were learning from one to the other. They couldn't have it of themselves. They learned it from somebody else. (And were they Jersey people?) No--they were not Jer? sey. He was a French fellow who came here. I don't know where his wife was from. But they weren't Acadians. They could put a sort on you. That was to bother you. For example, when the Jersey came to the Island there, there was a man named Charlie Romeril. Fr. Fiset was here then. Fr. Fiset was one of the first priests, and he built the church down here. He had a servant boy at the glebe house with him--his name was Jeffrey Crispou, I think. A woman was bothered by the sorcer? er and Fr. Fiset had done something to make her better. Where she was working, she was working for a family, and the man had some words with Charlie'Romeril. And then one day, he had put some fresh hay in the cows' manger, and they say that Char? lie Romeril went there and put a sort on the hay. Then the girl, in the evening, af? ter they were all through with their work-- she went and she cleaned the manger. And then right away she was out of her mind. They couldn't do anything with her. They didn't know what she had. And then the man went over to Fr. Fiset, and Fr. Fiset cured the girl. (Do we have any idea what Fr. Fiset did to cure the girl?) No. He cured the girl and the girl became well. Well, Charlie Romeril had a grudge against Fr. Fiset. When he knew that it was Fr. Fi? set, he was bothering them at the glebe house. • There at the glebe house they used to hear- some chains banging together, and they'd see some fire here and there, and then noise--just to intimidate them. Just to in? timidate Fr. Fiset, because he had gone to try and save the girl, see? And then some? times in the nighttime, they'd hear some? thing in the corner, and then in another TWO NEW RECORDS from The College of Cape Breton Press p. O. Box 5300, Sydney, Nova Scotia, BIP 6L2 Send cheque or money order in the amount indicated to the above address. Cape Breton's Greatest Hits $8.98 #-v j'' A live recording of some of the best Cape '''' Breton song's. Many old favourites as well as a number of more recent compositions: Song For The Mira; Bay Of St. Ann's; Noel;Workin' At The Woolco; Heading For Halifax; Sheehan's Reel; Flowers Of Edinburgh; Mrs. MacLeod's Reel; Peter At The Meter; Dumpin' The Slag; Let's Save Our Industry; Herring And Potatoes Plain Old Miner Boy; Cape Breton Lullaby; Kelly's Mountain; Sea People; Remember The Miner and The Island. The Rise And Follies Of Cape Breton Island - 1981 $8.98 The third recording of this very popular music and comedy production. All new music and laughs. Thirteen songs and six skits guaran? teed to bring many hours of enjoyment to Cape Bretoners everywhere. Great Gifts! (2)
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