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Page 16 - A Talk about George LeBrun

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1981/12/1 (415 reads)

told a person, "You're crazy, believing in that," right away they'd turn against you, they wouldn't even speak to him about it. So he encouraged them to speak about their problems. And they'd come, and he listened to them. That was the first thing. The sec? ond thing was that in their mind, sorcery was something vile and wicked--and some? thing always bad. So the opposite of bad was good. Which would be for him to come from the Bible. Or in some" cases he'd tell them to go to church and say certain pray? ers or do certain things--and this is where the Bible stories came in. He'd give them Bibles and give them certain passages to read and study. In one instance that I remember them tell? ing me: there was one fellow came, and I think it was his daughter was reacting a certain way. And he was sure that a spell had been put on her. So there was always the thing that you had to recognize who was putting the spell. And if you recog? nized this, then you could take defences against this person. So he came to see Grandfather and he asked him about it. And in some cases, by the way, he would also suggest them to take treatment from the doctor. Because in some cases the child could be sick, really sick, and they'd think it was sorcery--and they'd do all kinds of hocus-pocus stuff which was not doing any good for the child. If he thought it was something serious, he'd tell them. But just also to help the per? son get rid of the spell idea in his mind-- in this case he told him to take a 5-gal- lon lard pail. And this was to find out who was putting the spell. And take a red hot iron. And there's two what they call "ears" where the hoop that supports the pail is fixed into the pail. And right be? low those ears--around what would be the "neck," you know--make a searing of the pail right around that. And he gave him certain prayers to say. And he did this. And then for the next couple of days, he People Helping People in Cape Breton Let the staff of the Cape Breton Development Corporation help you build for the future on the Island. v''lOl We helped a lot of people in the 1970's. The coal industry was revitalized, fish plants and fishermen aided, large scale marine farming was begun, small scale industry helped. We assisted craftspeople and farmers, tourist operators and saw? mills. We helped from Sydney Steel to Nova Scotia Forest Industries. We want to help even more in the 1980's. Call on us. We're here for you. At 539-6 300 or Zenith 07763. THE CAPE BRETON DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION YOUR INPUT IS OUR OUTPUT CAPE BRETONERS ARE ACHIEVING TOGETHER
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