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Page 30 - A Visit with Bill Daye, Painter

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1981/12/1 (275 reads)

holding, watching the phosphorus going • And Jack, the older brother, he was at the wheel, and the old man was telling him which way to go. And it was calm as glass and there were big rolls. He sailed from Neil's Harbour and he landed in North Syd? ney. And he got into North Sydney and he couldn't find a place to live, a house or anything else. So he stayed there for a day or so, and then he took off and he landed in Port Mor? ien. And some fellow came down to the wharf, and he said, "Where are you from?" He said, "I'm from Neil's Harbour, and I'm going wherever the fate of God put me right now--I'm through with that place." And he said, "Are you a fisherman?" And he said, "I fished for a good many years." And Jack was old enough to fish. And he said, "When could you go fishing?" "When I get a house." He said, "I'll give you a house, right tonight." He got a fellow to come down and help them take the furniture to the house, and he said, "When are you going fishing?" "I'm going fishing right this evening, because I passed a place--I know where there's a good place to fish." They have that instinct, they know by the land, the lee of the land, whatever--he said, "I know there's a good place to fish, I found it on my way up." And he went out, and they fished all night, and him and Jack came back with a schooner-load of bloody good fresh fish. And he said, "You're the kind of man I want." And he fished for that fellow for years and years, and lived in that house, and that's where I was born. Investigate the One Stop Energy Shop HOME ENERGY''i'T'''' 653 GEORGE STREET AT BROOKLAND- Sydney, N.S. BIP 1L2 (902) 539-5095 Before you buy a wood stove or any solar system - before you make the decision TALK TO US. We will explain what| we sell and why we handle that particular product. We will held you make the whole-home energy decision. 539-5111 Visit Our Gallery of Local and Nova Scotia Artists 539-5111 Gardner's Gallery & Franne Shop Ltd. Quality Custom Framing - 222 Charlotte St..Sydney Wood and coal stoves can be dangerous. If you want to beat the high cost of heating by using a wood or coal stove, be sure that the installation is safe. Special attention should be paid to: • the condition of the stove • protection for the floor and nearby walls • the flue and chimney system. To check how well you're protected, write or call our toll free number for our brochure 'Wood and Coal Stoves • A Primer on Safety'. It could save you a lot. IBC Information Service Ste. 1206,1505 Barrington Street Halifax, N.S. B3J 3K5 Irvsuforvce Bureau of Corvada Bureau d'assurorvce du Canada Or call toll free: 1 -800-565-7189
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