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Page 38 - James D. Gillis: A Little Sketch of My Life

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1981/12/1 (417 reads)

I issued the Great Election in 1915, sold many copies here and there by mail and lat? er the rest, something less than 1000 cop? ies to Messrs. T. C. Allen. I made the C. B. Author's Map of the World, --the 4 pole map--in 1905. A. G. DesBrisay was the draftsman and he made all the blue prints I desired. It was entered in Sta? tioner's Hall, London, England. 5. I liked the N. School at Truro very much. Mr. Benoit, Dr. Hall and Dr. Soloan used me very well. At this school with those professors my perspicacity and na? tive ability reasoning powers etc. served me just as well as when I was under 12. They could answer and could answer any question, would joke, never stabbed in the back by false reports to Halifax, etc., etc. They were men and took responsibili? ties, --never hinted that the Supt. con? strained them to do this or that. Yes, they were none of those sneaking cowards who regret they have to command this or that and then refer to the absent man of authority. It was no Summer School of Sci? ence where a group of quack scientists and an inspector organize a school Annual Meet? ing to ridicule the poor of their native land to whom those cravens look for protec? tion in times of danger and then try to smatter out a few Gaelic words, when the The Glengarry Fiddlers Are Back The Glengarry Strathspey and Reel Society (participants from Ontario at Glendale 1979 & 1981) wish to announce the release of their new album of Scottish Violin Music. The records ($7.95) and pre-recorded tapes ($8.95) are available through several out? lets in Cape Breton and Antigonish or by sending your cheque or money order to: Glengarry Strathspey & Reel Society Box 1314, Alexandria, Ontario Saxon talk has rebounded in sad echo from the Saxon funnel of the Saxony submarine. In Saskatchewan and Alberta I taught school for 6 years; from the view-point of scholars, parents and trustees with great success, and according to the views of school inspectors from Ontario, with poor success. I took charge of schools that were in a forlorn state and left every? thing 0. K. and the children much improved. In one inspector's learned report I was held responsible for things that occurred years before I left N. S. Others were con? tented to gasp that I was untidy, poorly clad, etc., etc., anything at all to put me down. Those insp. are commanded to live in their inspectorate but they live in Re? gina. We forget down here that the Prairie Provinces belong to Ontario and Germany. So look out for those little great men. Sir Wilfred Laurier set Alberta and Sask? atchewan agoing in 1905. Now those owners have sunk Saskatchewan down in a debt that never will be paid. So much for a govt, that approves of such school officials. In Alberta my school was visited by an inspec? tor, an Acadian from Inv. Co. N. S. He said, "I am J. T. Ross of the Educ. Dpt., Edmonton." This Insp. favored a band of Trustees that were not in the habit of pay? ing teachers; but one of them later had to decamp. I might say this was certainly not Mr. Ross but Mr. White. He too away from his inspectorate lived in Edmonton. It would pay to travel from N. S. to Regina and Edmon. to see the cleanliness and • pride of those inspectors. His Majesty King Geo. when inspecting troops would seem nothing compared with those and as for their powers as teachers they laid claims to probity etc. that could do jus? tice to a Chief of the Metis or Crees. The high opinion those inspectors have of them- Baddeck: A Search for Yesterday A Selection of Old Photographs of Baddeck On sale in Baddeck, or send $1.25 plus SOtf postage to Baddeck Public Library, Baddeck, Nova Scotia BOE IBO U88' The CBC in Cape Breton ' NATI0'IAlJLY • REGI0NALLY • FTO'I'?IALJLY • L0CALLY CBTT TELEVISION ChaiTiels2,5'73,10,12.and13 CBIFW)IO 1140on your Dial INFOFSvlATION ENTEFnAINMB'BLIGHTENMENT
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