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Inside Back Cover - Advert: Cape Breton's Magazine

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1981/12/1 (552 reads)

Our Tenth Year With this issue, Cape Breton's Magazine enters its tenth year of continuous pub? lication. Our 10th Year! We reach a great many Cape Bretoners and friends of Cape Breton, but WE WANT TO REACH ALL CAPE BRETONERS EVERYWHERE! We need your help. Subscriptions are sold on a 4-is- sue basis. A 4-issue subscription is $6.00 in Canada, $7.00 Foreign. The cur? rent issue is Number 30. You can begin a subscription with any issue from Number 25 onward. You can wish us a Happy Birthday by treating yourself and your friends to subscriptions to Cape Breton's Magazine and its books: DOWN NORTH and the FOURTH COLLECTORS EDITION. It will be a great boost for the magazine, and it will make them happy besides. Quantity Limited ORDER NOW: The Fourth Collectors'Edition of Cape Breton's magazine Issues 19 through 24 (292 pages) $6.00 The FOURTH COLLECTORS' EDITION is is? sues 19 through 24, reprinted and bound into one big 292-page book. Only a limited quantity are left. Let us send you or a friend anywhere in the world, a copy of the FOURTH COL? LECTORS' EDITION. It costs $6.00 and we pay all the postage. Edited & Published by Ronald Caplan with the help of Bonnie Thompson & Ruth Schneider DECEMBER 1981 DOWN NORTH X The Book of Cape Breton's Magazine DOWN NORTH: The Book of Cape Breton's Magazine Cape Breton's MAGAZINE J" is a selection of over 50 stories taken mostly from the early issues of Cape Breton's Magazine. A lot of our readers will want this book because it is a permanent collection with almost 400 photos and illustrations, printed on white book paper and, of course, with no advertisements. DOWN NORTH costs $12.95 paperback and $19.95 hardcover. It makes a great gift of Cape Breton. Bin Daye's paintings were photo? graphed from his own collection and Down North The Book of Cape Breton's Magazine Ronald Caplan, Editor those in the collection of the Art Gallery, College of Cape Breton. WRECK COVE • CAPE BRETON • NOVA SCOTIA = . (Elducation in IRova 'cotia y= =v % In the whole inner processes of education, there a three series, distinct in their object, their aims, and their difficulties. The first is designed to awaken mind, to beget a thirst for knowledge, with the means and methods of acquiring it; the second, to confer that intellectual and moral information and discipline which is the common basis of all liberal culture; and the third, to qualify for particular occupations. The primary business of the School is not so much to impart knowledge, as to awaken a demand for it, and to furnish the means of meeting that demand. If there is no felt want of a thing, no effort will be put forth to get it. If there is no taste or relish for any one object, there will be no desire for it, and, by consequence, no exertion made for its possession. Report of the Superintendent of Education for the Province of Nova Scotia for the Year 1862. Our enviable reputation in Nova Scotia in the education field is largely because of our conviction that education is important . . . just as important today as it was 119 years ago. As home of the first public school system in Canada, we have a fine tradition to maintain and we are working hard to do just that. "Photo courtesy Dartmouth Heritage Museum If you wish to know more about today's educational system in Nova Scotia, write for a free copy of AIMS OF EDUCATION in Nova Scotia Schools Publication & Reference Nova Scotia Department of Education P.O. Box 578, Halifax, N.S. B3J 2S9 Nova Scotia Department of Education Hon.Terence R.B. Donahoc Gerald J. McCarthy '
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