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Page 11 - Wreck of the 'Marshall Frank'

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1982/6/1 (380 reads)

and we took them up to Uncle Kenny's barn. Took them in a sleigh, then. And put them in there. Well, from there they took them to Sydney. I suppose the R.C.M.P. looked after them. But the other two, there were several days lapsed--maybe 4 or 5 days, anyhow, there wasn't a sign of the other two. And it's the funniest thing. This day, a dory landed at English Cove Pond--well, that's just about a half mile on the road-- and wasn't one of them landed with the dory! He used to be in it, but it was up? side down--when the dory landed he was there, too. He must have been in the dory and hanging on for life. And it's a funny thing we never saw that dory. I had a good pair of binoculars, and that high bank, and the day after she went there it was as smooth as glass. And looking, see if you could see anything--and we could never pick it up. And it landed. Well, so much for that fellow. Now the last fellow, he landed in July. Where the first three landed. At Rock Hall, he landed there. And I know what happened, that kept him that long from landing. Just by this what we call the Roqk Hall--it's shoal water all on the western side where the other fellows went. And there is a hole there maybe about 4 or 5 fathoms deep--maybe as long as from here to the road square. Quite deep. I used to put traps in there. And he must have got in the kelp in that, and that was in July sometime. I didn't see this fellow but they said--you know, he bloated when the weather got warm, and he floated and came in. But in that hole there's nothing but kelp, and I suppose he was tied down there, maybe a kind of a storm loosened--but he came ashore in July. And if they had stayed on board, there wasn't a drop of water in her. She just ran up there, boy--she had full sails on her. When they left the sails were on her. And of course the wind was from the south- east--not a storm by any means. She ran up as neat as anything. Her bow went up onto the rocks. Where they abandoned the vessel, that's not where the boat was the next morning. They hit the reef between Framboise Cove-- which would be about--what would it be, Malcolm? a third of a mile? Malcolm MacDon? ald, Fourchu: Yes. It's also the possibil- ity that she may have gone on the Big Breaker, Dan Ndrman: Well no, Malcolm, she could never have gone on the Big Breaker. Well now, of course, you're never too sure what she did. But I figure that's the reef she went on on account of where the men got drowned, see? They wouldn't have got drowned leaving the ship at the Big Break? er. Malcolm: No. What I mean by that, Dan Norman, was the first time she hit--she could have gone on the Big Breaker and come off it--and then the other people got off because there's deep water on the in? side of the Big Breaker. You know, when they got out of her. And then she could have sailed on--then she'd go right possi-- bly in the same direction. One of the rea? sons it's so hard to pinpoint is that we don't know where the last 5 got out. Dan Norman: Well anyway, there was no trouble to get off on the outside--which there wouldn't, there wouldn't at all. And the only reason I think that's where she hit, because the way the wind was, it would take her dead on where she went. If it was the Big Breaker, Malcolm, she'd be liable to go west a long long ways before she hit. So you're never too sure, but that's my theory and I'm quite one hundred per cent sure--because 3 of the men were on the shore right opposite that reef. And the reef is--we'll say a quarter of a mile from the beach. Very shoal water from this reef. And they were landed the next day. The Gaelic College st. Ann;s,N.s. Home of Gaelic College Summer School The Annual Gaelic Mod IThe Great Hall of the Clans I & Giant MacAskill Museum July 5 to August 27 2, 3 & 5 Week Courses in Gaelic Language, Bagpipe Music & Scottish Highland Dancing Adult Sessions: August 16 to 27 includes Competitions August 9, 10, 11 and Programmed Entertainment August 12, 13, 4| "i= mmi
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