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Page 22 - Advert: Captain's Log

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1982/6/1 (368 reads)

Your record of discovery and adventure in Nova Scotia just for the fun of it. Pick up your own free Captain's Log at any tourist bureau in the Province of Nova Scotia. Then, as you visit any or all of the seven different travel regions of the Province, collect your stamps at all the listed museums, historic sites, Old Home Summer festivals and events. You can collect more than a hundred unique stamps, and you'll lead your entire family into the lively history, traditions, folkways, museums and out-of-the-way nooks and crannies of this surprising land. It's a funfilled educational experience, and you can become an Official Nova Scotia Master Mariner! Just collect two different stamps from all seven regions, or a total of fifty stamps, and you'll be eligible to receive the Captain's Log Master Mariner Award. You'll receive absolutely free a one and one- quarter inch specially stamped Mariner's Coin as a memento of your voyage around Nova Scotia. Full details on receiving your award are included in your Captain's Log. (If you don't qualify this year, you can use your Captain's Log again next year to add to your total.) The Captain*s Log appeals to everyone • old. young, and In- between. It's fun. Make sure you don't miss any of Nova Scotia's colourful history.
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