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> Issue 31 > Inside Back Cover - Walter Dugas & His Fence, Arichat Ouest

Inside Back Cover - Walter Dugas & His Fence, Arichat Ouest

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1982/6/1 (198 reads)

(What kind of wood do you use?) It doesn't matter--we used spruce and what we call fir--it makes no difference. And it's a good fence, it lasts. I knew of one that was supposed to be 90 years old when it was taken apart. It is solid, the wind has no hold on it; and at the same time it's a good shelter for the garden. I am the only person in West Arichat that has such a fence. (How long did it take you?) I dare say that I probably started in '75, the beginning of 1975. When I started, I started in the spring and I finished it in a couple of months. It took longer than that to cut the wood to make it. I had cut the previous winter, almost all winter, all the pieces of wood. I would go to the woods every day that it was nice to cut some. La Pile de Bois J'ai commence I'hiver passe, I'hiver d'av? ant , le 8 septembre. Tant qu'il a fait beau je coupais avec une petite scie a la main et puis une petite hache. Je coupais une heure et demie, deux heures 1'avant-midi, une heure et demie, deux heures I'apres-mi- di, tous les jours qu'il faisait beau. L'hi- ver passe j'ai commence le 12 septembre, I'hiver d'avant, le 8 septembre. Quand ca venu rendu au mois de fevrier, quand la neige a commence a tomber, j'avals du bois assez de coupe. J'ai fait prendre des por? traits de cette pile de bois-la parce que ca va etre la derniere. Je pourrai jamais en couper d'autre. Mes jours de couperie de bois sont finis, The Woodpile I started the woodpile last winter, the pre? vious winter, the 8th of September. While it was nice I would cut with a little hand saw and a small axe, I would cut an hour and a half, two hours in the morning; an hour and a half, two hours in the afternoon, every day that it was nice. Last winter I started the 12th of September, the previous winter the 8th of September, When it got to be February, when the snow started to fall, I had enough wood cut. I had pictures taken of this woodpile because it is going to be my last. I will never be able to cut anoth? er. My cutting days are over. I'''gssL 'J'm: m'-.'
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