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Page 22 - Reiteach, A Scottish Engagement Rite

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1973/7/1 (749 reads)

seo mu choinneamh nam par ant an, Dh'fhaighnich iad dhaibh am biodh iad deonach an nighean an duine seo a phbsadh, 'S bha iad gle leagte air gum posadh an nighean e, Ach an nighean bhochd, cha chreid mi gu robh i air an duine fhaicinn riamh, Cha robh eblas 's am bith aice air. Thug i oirre gu ceann eile an taighe 's thoisich i caoi- neadh, 's dhiult i tighinn a mach mu choinneamh an duine bha iad a' coimhead son gum posadh i e, Ach co-dhiubh, 'nuair a bha iad uine muigh as an taigh, rinn na parantan suipeir mhor, 's bha h-uile duine 'na suidhe timchioll air a' bhbrd, 's chan fhaigheadh iad air an nighean a thoirt a mach chon na suipearach, Ach bha na parantan, bha iad gle dheonach gum posadh an nighean an gille bha seo, 's chaidh la a' phosaidh a chur air doigh, Mu dheireadh 's mu dhebidh thainig an nighean gu gnothaichean fhaicinn anns an aona doigh 's an robh a parantan 'gam faicinn, Na balaich bga thainig a dheanamh na reiteach, chuir iad an gille Sg suas ris a' ghnothach cuideachd, gum posadh e an nighean seo. Thainig am posadh dheth, 's bha banais mhbr aca, 's dh'obraich a h-uile dad gle math. Bha mu chuairt air ochdnar de chlann aca as deidh a' phosaidh sin. Agus tha cuimhna agamsa air am boireannach sin a chluinntinn anns an dachaidh anns an deach mise tho- gail. Bha frolaig sniomh aig na boireannaich, 's bha iad a bruidhinn air a h-uile dad a thachair anns na bliadhnaichean air'ais, 's bha i 'g innse dha na boireannaich an stoiridh a bha seo mu dheidhinn a' phosaidh aicese 's cho fada 's a bha i 'n aghaidh an duine seo phosadh. Ach thionndaidh i ris na boireannaich eile 's thuirt i, "Bheil fhios agaibh gu robh ochdnar chlann agam, 's cha do leig mi le duine aca cadal eadar mi fhein agus an duine agam as deidh a h-uile dad a bha sin," In a lot of cases, it might be the first time the groom had ever seen the prospective wife • and in a lot of instances it wasn't a very happy episode for the girl, but it turned out quite happily after that for most of them. I know of one particular case • I wasn't there but I knew the people involved • it happened the girl had never seen the man brought before her this particular night for the Reiteach. This man had got the marriage garb to marry another woman, and she had jilted him. It was the custom then the man bought the apparel for his wife to be married in along with his own. I don't know whether this woman returned the clothes or did she get married in it to another fellow. Anyway, she jilted this man. But the young fellows wanted to have the wedding, by hook or by crook. There was one fellow just full of devilment. They were fishing, and they used to have shacks down at the shore • fish and stay there all night • and this one night they were trying to figure out how they were going to get a wedding. This man said they'd take the man to his sister. They got a bottle or two of whiskey, I don't know how many of them went. I doubt the girl had ever seen the man because he was quite a bit older, and she lived six miles away. But the idea 9 to 9 Monday through Friday Fairway Market Ltd. Ii'onish Beach We Specialize in Camping Equipment and Clothing of All Kinds as well as Hardware, Plumbing and Electrical Supplies Reuben McEvoy's General Store Ltd. INGONISH BEACH Open all year jfP'Sit the entrance to the beautiful ''>I'''''j' Breton Highlands National Park 14 Miles from North Sydney on Rt 105 Fully Licensed Country Living at Seal Island Bridge Seal Island Motel and Restaurant Boulardrie 57-3 R.R. 1, Bras d'Or Now 206 Years Old ROBIN, JONES & WHITMAN, LIMITED Cheticamp, N.S. 224-2022 Inverness, N, S, 258-2362 Cape Breton's Maga2ine/22 1r' Si?.*.-tos f- z.s
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