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Page 16 - Bill Daye: Stories for Susie

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1982/8/1 (256 reads)

could be beat./ And now I beg advice of you,/ I know I'm quite a sinner,/ Inspire me, God, so that I can learn/ Just how to cook that dinner./ And as for supper--God help me!" I read it to my daughter, and she said the answer to that is very simple. She said, "The Bible says, 'Take no thought of tomor? row, what you shall eat or drink, for the Lord thy God will look after thee.'" I was hunting deer one time up at Johns? town, and I stayed with a fellow by the name of Jimmy Johnson, a beautiful person, and he had a lovely wife and lovely family. In the evening I thought I would take a walk down towards the shore, and take the shotgun. I was over looking for ducks, and I'd take the shotgun and a ball or two, if I happened to see a deer. The season was open and I had a license. So coming back, it was about dusk. I heard a crack in the woods, and I looked. Here was a deer's tail. He was flying through a bunch of trees that were in the pasture with the branches cut off, where the cows used to get in out of the sun in the daytime. And when I waited for the next opening, and when he tailed past there, I pulled the trigger with a ball in the gun. The deer fell down, I went over. I picked him. Well, we started to skin him. Saw what had hap? pened- -there were some branches cut off the trees, big branches, and the big knot where the limb was growing was sticking out. When the deer turned to run, he had struck his head, just his forehead, a- gainst the tree and broke his heck. His head was all bruised, it was all black and blue--he had broken his own neck. On the way home from there, we're passing an orchard. It was getting late then. We saw a flashlight in the orchard--there was nobody on that farm--and two fellows tak? ing off like hell. So we went down. Here was a beautiful big buck. When they saw me coming with the motorcycle, they had thought it was the cops or warden of some kind. So they took off, they left it. Well, I said, it's a possibility they won't come back, afraid they're going to get caught. So what we did--we just took the knife out, cut the hindquarters off the deer from the waist down, and left the rest for them. Strange things happen at times, don't they? And I didn't kill either one. One broke his neck, and the other one was illegal, shot at night with a light. That's pretty good hunting! Another hunting story. I worked at the post office, a letter carrier. When the deer season would be coming on, the post? master would say, "Bill, if you get a deer this season, will you please bring me out a nice roast?" And I always did. So this season, I said, "Yes, I'll have a roast for you. Possible I would get one." Dusk was about coming. The sun would be down in another 5 minutes, and I was stand? ing back in the woods where I knew there were deer--and I hadn't got a deer that season. "Well," I said, "I don't know what to do. Use your mind. Bill, and see what you can come up with. You haven't got much time to wait." So there was a tree behind me, a big old dead pine, and there was a big knot on it. So I turned around with the rifle quick and got a sight on that knot as quick as I For the Balance of the 1982 Model Year, ~''' m ?? Ar*A you get a 3-Year/80,000 Kilometer Warranty: 'fS/| • I /| j/ 1500 Sedan: $4698 plus tax, license & P.D.I. vyV'TT L-./3l-/#_l NIVA 4x4: $6998 plus tax, license & P.D.I. NOW YOU CAN'T AFFORD NOT TO TAKE A LOOK! 5232 KENTVILLE PUBLISHING Newspapers • Books • Catalogues • Business Forms Web and Sheet-fed Offset Specialists in four colour process printing P.O. Box 340 Kentville, N.S. 678-2122 (16) ReichersTannery Ltd. TANNERS - WHOLESALERS - RETAILERS Sheepskin and Deerskin Products Open 6 Days a Week BLUES MILLS on Trans-Canada Highway 105 R. R. 1, River Denys, Inverness County, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia BOE 2Y0 Tel. 756-2788 Karl Reichel, Owner
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