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Page 23 - Cartier and the Cape Breton Shore

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1982/8/1 (319 reads)

This map is a tracing from Hoffman's Cabot to Cartier. The route is Cartier's second voyage (1635 & 1636). The heavily outlined coasts are those discovered during this voyage. The GASPE P??AP DE PRATiJ' Bri on ' Lawrence CaVe North fy Biy st Pierrd Smokey coasts previously known are in lighter outline. Dotted coastline is still unknown territory. We have put in modern names, retaining Hoffman's placement of Cape Lorraine. Cartier did not take up the challenge of "the perfection of the navigation" on this voyage, for he had more important work to the westward. He reserved that problem for the future, and after reaching his further? most west, Anticosti Island, he returned to France through the northern strait. The Second Voyage By the royal command of his king, Cartier had been directed at the start of his sec? ond voyage, along with other duties, to perfect "the navigation of lands by you al? ready begun." These are quite simple and clear orders. Because, if Cartier had found something valuable, his king would wish to know what was the best way by which to arrive. On his second voyage he put off the question of the southern pas? sage, timing his entrance into the Strait of Belle Isle for mid-July to keep clear of the ice. Only after passing the winter of 1535-36 near the Rock of Quebec, did / Cartier consider "the perfection of the navigation" by considering the timing and the way of his own return to France. Fur? thermore, he might save 'the month of June by finding a southern passage. He set off down the St. Lawrence River May 15th, 1536, with his two remaining ships. La Grande Hermine--about the size of a small dragger--and L'Emerilion--about the size of a longliner--and with his surviv? ing mariners and gentlemen. Of May 30th he says, ... and we made her go as far as athwart Cape Pra- to (Cape Perce), which is the beginning of the Bay Chaleur. And because the wind was good and conven? ient we stood on day and night, and the next day fetched the waist of the Isle of Brion (by Flag? staff Head) which we wished to do for to shorten our way. And the two lands are bearing southeast and northwest a quarter east and west; and it is fifty leagues (about 120 nautical miles) between them. Between May 31st and June 4th, he explored the northernmost of the Madeleines. He says, And Friday, the 4th, because the wind changed to- Ideal Ice Cream Co. Ltd. A Complete Line of Frozen Foods Ice Cream and Rxintain Supplies Sydport Industrial Park 564-4549 AREYOUR SHOCK ABSORBERS THIS OLD? .Then they could be causing excessive tire wear, rough riding, and endangering your safety. New shock absorbers will prevent the veering, bottoming, swaying, and rock? ing that makes your ride rough, steering difficult, and braking unsure. Replace your worn shock absorbers today. LET US INSPECT YOUR SHOCK ABSORBERS TODAY! THEMASiaMUHlER 348 Q?oni? St., Sydney 539-6691 muffler centre (23:
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