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Page 31 - Local Sea Serpents: 3 Reports

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1982/8/1 (323 reads)

sion or whatever it might have been would move rapidly away, disappear under the wa? ter for some time and then reappear. Now that is all I saw. -If that satisfies you as conclusive evidence to establish the existence of a sea serpent you are welcome to my contribution. There was a small par? ty of us on the verandah of the hotel watching the performance. A sea captain gave his evidence as follows: "Certainly it is a sea serpent. I saw one off Margaree about fifteen years ago. We were at anchor and another schooner was in the stream a little way off. The sea ser? pent came along at a great speed and passed right between the two vessels. There was a French fishing smack anchored between the two schooners and the great serpent seemed to be making straight for the smack. All hands on the smack raced be? low and pulled the scuttle over, but the serpent never changed his course. When he came to the smack he made a clean dive un? der and came up on the other side. The ser? pent was about seventy-five feet long, oth? ers judged it to be,a hundred, but I don't think it was over seventy-five. It was swimming on the top of the water with its head up and made a great swish in the sea as it went by," Then a fisherman gave his testimony. He said: "It's a sea serpent all right. They The Pulp and Paper Industry of Canada Pulp and Paper Reports: TRANSPORTATION 16(j; I GOVERNMENT FEES AND TAXES lOcp REINVESTMENT 10(p ' DIVIDENDS 3(P (source: Sumiot 34 Canadla Today, the pulp and paper industry is caught in a dangerous double squeeze. One: higher labour, energy and trans? portation costs are taking bigger slices of the revenue pie. Two: pulp and paper mills are being built, expanded and modernized aU over the world, often with built-in advantages such as low-cost wood or nearness to markets. Competition everywhere is in? creasing and creating new challenges in Canada's traditional markets. Goverrunents, industry and labour all have an interest in seeing that Canada's pulp and paf)er produas en? joy brisk sales. To keep Canada com? petitive in the world markets for pulp and paper - where 80% of our sales are made - policies which affea costs must be developed with the larger picture in focus. When a Canadian pulp or paper company loses business, Canadian 9 NOVA SCOTIA FOREST INDUSTRIES Port Hawkesbury. Nova Scotia, Canada Telephone 625-2460. Area Code 902. Cable Address STORADOCK often come in the bay and over the fishing grounds. One time we run up to one off the bite of Smoky and he turned and snapped at the boat and took a clean bite out of a big spruce oar. Yes, there's sea serpents all right, the fishermen have often chased them around the bay." Now, will you doubt the existence of the sea serpent? Do I? Quien sabe; I decline further discussion. When I sit down in the middle of a good old fashioned orthodox Presbyterian congre? gation and listen to a positive and able reasoner tackle the doctrine of foreorina- tion I become convinced that the preacher is right, but, when I get loose and get out into the open I defy the theological straight jacket. The above was written some time between the mellow twilight of Saturday night and the purpling haze of Sunday morning--the hour is not important. Sunday came with the fierce blaze of a Ju? ly sun in an unclouded sky, which made men, dogs and all other wild animals hunt for the cool spots. So the day passed away in idleness or the seclusion of a story. A- bout four o'clock the population began to crawl out, and from easy chairs on the sha? dy side, with the lightest drift of cooling air, we revelled in the glories of the seaside. Sud? denly, far out in the bay there ap? peared a ripple, and presently at the end of the ripple appeared the black head of the sea serpent. Everybody came to attention and glasses were lev? elled at the great leviathan that, like the grand conception of Milton, lay prone along the flood. "Let us get after the brute!" This from the young landlord, and the sparkle of his eye showed that he meant business. Promptly a knight of the grip and a seargeant of the quill volunteered for service. Then there was hurry? ing to and fro. Every available boat was missing; the owner of an old fishing dory was hailed across the creek CONTINUED The Sales Dollar WAGES, SALARIES AND BENEFITS 32$ MATERIALS, SUPPLIES AND ENERGY 29$ Pulp and Paper Companies - workers and local suppliers lose jobs and governments lose tax income. For more information on the chal? lenges facing Canada's leading in? dustry, send for "Pulp and Paper RefKjrts: Cost Competitiveness", a free booklet from Public Information Services, Canadian Pulp and Paper Association, Sun Life Building, Suite 2300, 1155 Metcalfe Street, Montreal, Quebec, H3B 2X9. Att:Dept.C (31)
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