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Page 34 - Bill Daye: Stories for Susie

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1982/8/1 (276 reads)

Bill Daye CONTINUED FROM PAGE 21 to get in trouble if you're playing with my garden." I drove a stake in the ground and I tied the little crow by the leg to the stake, with about two yards of good, strong cord. I took out the tail feathers and I put them on the top of the stake, pointing up? wards to the sky. And I said to the big fellows that were up there on the tree, I said, "Listen, any of you fellows touch my garden, you're going to get the same treat? ment." So I went in the house. I left the little crow there. About an hour after, I come out, the little crow was gone. He was clever enough to pick the knots off the cord that I had tied him with, and walk in? to the woods. God knows how long he had to walk around, how many months before his feathers grew out again and he was able to fly. And there was never a crow came in and bothered my garden any more. They would be around the field picking berries, perched on the fence, everywhere you could think of--but not one of them ever came and molested my garden again. I was fishing in Brown's Lake one time. Oh, the trout were coming good! I had a fly that they were taking, they were just lick? ing it up. I had quite a few beautiful trout. When a fellow that I was acquainted with came out of the bush with a bag of bottles of 'shine that he had produced. So he said, "Bill, will you give me some of those trout--you've got a lot." I said, "Yes, I'll make you a trade. I'll give you so many trout for so much 'shine." We made a bargain. I had got two bottles of shine, . I gave him quite a few fish. So after he had gone, I was fishing away. Fish had stopped for awhile. I moved to an? other spot where I thought I would get some more fish. And I was fishing awhile with another fly. I had occasion to go in the woods like anybody would when they're fishing, for a second or so. And I said, "I'll lean the rod up against a tree here"--the reel was on the bottom and the CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE We Support Cape Breton Craftspeople! Cape Bretoners can be proud of the quality and variety of outstanding crafts produced throughout the island. The Cape Breton Development Corporation is also proud of its role in providing both marketing and financial assistance to these entrepreneurs for over a decade. The Corporation's craft program includes help with marketing through Island Crafts, as well as technical and financial assistance. Gape Bretoners in Business Together! ' AnC DDCT''M ''' more information contact: ''' *- D"??C ?? wi' Industrial Development Division DEVELOPMENT p o box 1750 CORPORATION ZTZ', ""''' ?''' (34)
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