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Page 25 - Kristopher Mayich on the Eastern Front

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1983/6/1 (387 reads)

the ear. Next morning, early in the morn? ing, we went across that line. No opposi? tion' to us--everything was dead and burned, from those shells. We went about 20 miles forward. That time, Russia made the offensive in Galicia. They took our corps, 250,000 men, from the Ital? ian line--took us over to the Russian Front. We stopped the Russians for a coup? le days. When they made the counterattack on us, I counted 14 lines of Russians, one after another, coming toward us. Level place up there. When our side opened up ma? chine gun fire on those Russians, they fell like branches on the trees, one on the other. They hauled them back. Number, number, number of dead there. After a coup? le of hours, the Cossacks came, not the in? fantry. Broke our line. We left everything Fire Season-April 15toOct.15 What is intensive forest management? Left to itself, a forest will produce wood through natural growth and regenera? tion. 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The result is an increase in the quantity and the quality of the forest crop and social benefits for the community. 9 NOVA SCOTIA FOREST INDUSTRIES Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, Canada Telephone 625-2460. Area Code 902. Cable Address STORADOCK up there and ran. I cut my shoelaces with a knife, took my shoes off, to run faster. Twelve days and twelve nights run. We came to a river in Galicia. Bridge was blown up. And whoever could swim across, he could do it. If not, he'd have to give up to the Russians. There were about 5 or 6 thousand of us there alongside the river. I threw everything from my back; I carried only the rifle and the gas mask with me. On the other side, we found about 3 or 4 hundred of our soldiers, with lots of machine guns. And we saw across the river, the Cossacks coming in--made those fellows prisoners, disarmed about 4000. Put all the rifles and ammunition in a pile, put them in col? umns, 12 and 12--and then ran between them on horseback. They had like a stiletto in their shoes; just kick like that and kill you. When we saw that, one of our lieuten? ants gave orders to fire on the Cossacks. And we fired two machine guns. We killed all those soldiers, the Cossacks, every one of them--killed by our bullets. We went to Stanislav from there. A new line was formed; we went behind the line. We were two weeks resting up there. Then we went in the Carpath (Carpathian) Moun? tains. What I saw there, in the Carpath Mountains: I saw the ditch dug out, about 5 to 6 feet deep, about 10 feet wide, full of Russian soldiers with their uniforms and guns and everything, dead. 1915, they were killed up there, when the Austrian ar? my pushed the Russians back. Some time the end of June, beginning of Ju? ly, we counterattacked the Russians in Buk- ovina. We threw them about 200 miles away, back. From there up to Czernowitz (Cher? novtsy) . And we were up there on the line until the Russian Revolution started in 1917. In November, the Russians were shoot? ing machine guns, heavy artillery, every? thing- -but nothing came to us. They were shooting among themselves. Next morning, we saw Russian soldiers walking around at the front of the line, on the trenches. And they had a red strap around their cap. They were hollering to us, in their lan? guage , "How are you, brothers? Don't shoot! Don't shoot!" We went over. They came to Overlooking the Margaree Valley at the Junction of Route 19 and the Cabot Trail A full-accommodation Lodge featuring spacious rooms, dining room and lounge, swimming pool. Nearby are golf fairways, beaches, fresh and salt water fishing, camping, hiking. The best of Nova Scotian musicians en? tertain in our lounge every weekend. Check with us to see who's playing, and drop in for an enjoyable evening. P. 0. Box 550, MAI'GAREE FORKS, Nova Scotia BOE 2A0 Phone (902) 248-2193, William F. Maclsaac, mgr. RELAX IN THE BEAUTIFUL MARGAREE VALLEY (25
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