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Page 4 - The Berthing of Supertankers

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1973/12/1 (746 reads)

they're under my control. Pilots handle this differently. For this particular berth? ing I used two tugs in each position, paired off • so when I give orders I call the pairs One and Two. Under certain conditions (such as high winds) you might have them all in a line and have One, Two, Three, Four as designations. I can use the power of the tugs and the power of the ship itself. I can have one pair or the other pushing. The tugs Point Spencer and Foundation Vigour paired and at a right angle to the Shaughnessy; Pilot Huntley out on a wing of the bridge as the tanker closes with the dockT' Or both pushing. Or pushing and pulling. Some ships give more problems than others. You have to get a certain amount of speed up before they'll respond. And that's no good. In fact one alteration, the Shaughnessy was a bit slow responding. But I did not use the tugs very much. I was practically alongside the dock before I used the tugs. Other times you use them a lot. Sometimes you need the tugs when you turn the ship • where you come in below Eddy Point • some ships you have to use the tugs in or? der to swing them. Sometimes you can't put the speed that you have. I mean, if you rev these ships up you could swing them quicker but I prefer to take them around those turns pretty easy. .

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