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Page 26 - Bill Fraser, Superintendent R.C.M.P., Rtd.

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1983/8/1 (415 reads)

their sleds. Some people had horses, and some people had oxen. But as Fr. Day was getting off the boat, he picked up his suitcase and started to walk--there were no taxis then--started to walk to find the glebe house. He was going past this row of horses and oxen that were parked there. And as he passed this ox, the ox let a grunt out of him, kind of put his head down. Fr. Day dropped his suitcase and went over and took the ox by the two horns, lifted the front end of the ox up and pushed him back on his rear haunches, and said, "There." Everybody around there, their eyes just bugged out, and they talked about that for about a year. But no? body ever bothered Fr. Day, physically, af? ter that, I'll tell you. I asked Fr. Day about that when I heard the story, and he laughed about it, and he said yes, he just did it at that time to sort of impress them. Because, you know, Ingonish had a bad name, really. But be? tween Fr. Day and myself, I think we kind of straightened that out a little and dis? pelled some of those stories, no question about it. When we left there, it wasn't so bad. Our thanks to R. A. MacLean, Antigonish, for permission to edit this portion from on-going taped conversa? tions with Bill Fraser. Mr. MacLean is co-author of Beyond the Atlantic Roar; A Study of the N. S. Scots. HIGHLAND FLING Shop of Interest Finest Handcrafts from Artwork to Indian Moccasins Souvenirs & Film -- Authorized Kodak Dealer Since 1968 we have been known for selection & quality. PLEASANT BAY on the CABOT TRAIL NEWLY ENLARGED, LICENSED RESTAURANT ?? OPEN- ALL YEAR 'ROUND Harbour Restaurant Children's Portions Try Our Butterscotch Pie Take Out Tel: (902) 224-2042 and Diet Dishes Cheticamp, Cape Breton, N.S. on request 26) THE HOME OF FINE SEAFOOD, we have a pickup booth at the SYDNEY AIRPORT. Call us. Coast To C6ast Air Shipping - Ask For Our Price List Phone: Plant (902) 849-5505, Night (902) 849-2705 Write: P. O. Box 160, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, B1A 5V2 Telex: 019-35241 CHARGEX - MASTER CHARGE - VISA
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