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> Issue 6 > Page 7 - Willy Petrie, a Man who Finds Water

Page 7 - Willy Petrie, a Man who Finds Water

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1973/12/1 (637 reads)

her'*it'm?'ht''b'';'goL*?Sf!'?'' 'V '''' 5'''* '''''' '''' ' P"* • Y hands toget? her. It might be my hand, but I could use my fingers. I can do it with the stick in ray fingers just the same as across my hand. can ao ix wirn tne stick m (Willy cut into the end of his alder stick and put in a coin. He said that the stlrk r'?/?nv'''''ri'??' v'' finding water, but that S'w it could fiSd money!-lt could lo? in' fS'mnS!f S!??'!"". l'tu'""' '' 't- "'i''' S''5-' ' remember one time we were tr?- '' Ji,, ? ?'' "''-' ' P'* "'h? '''''y '' *hs en' of itf it would go to my pocket. I said. There's no money m my pocket. I don't know why it's going to my pocket. So, It was no good anyway. It wouldn't work. Well, you remember them small fittle fivl SfH'trf'''''-''i' now right down in one corner of my pocket there was one of them. I ?SS IfnLf'Lr?.??'''? t?'''- ''* li'''' '5'* '''' '?''' i*- '''' I took that Sut, that was okay. Now I'll tell you something: If I got lost in the woods • there are seams like in the ground, perhaps about a foot wide or something. There's a dot of l'i ?i? 2 '?.U' f"-""' "" silver-dust, dust you'd say, a dust of gold, a dust of sil- ver anci a dust nt mrtrte'i' m''vo/i aii 4-u, • '..?.u i' a_j j.i-_ _. *' ' ??1 h have cent piece • and fire the rest away. Otherwise it would r,i5" 'I • " wv,c?,., U.W ?v/i*x' go to my pocket. But if I had some coppers too. well I could put a copper m the end and the silver in my pocket wouldn't make aSv differ? ence-copper x.ouldn't effect or bother the silver-but ?'d Save to cSck'way thl ?l'f ''?''''''* v'"" 1 S'''* *'' '"' '' ''' '1''' '<' P?t in the copper! Then youM find the seam. You'd have to hunt. You may have quite a bit for to fiAd one. You CERAMICS WOODWORKING l • EAVIM5 Island Crafts Wholesale and Retail ALL ITEMS MADE IN GAgE BRETON 320 Commercial Street, North Sydney 794-3355 HOOKING? KNITTING CROTCHETING 7Ze Koolex Kleaners CANADA'S FINEST DRY CLEANERS AND SHIRT LAUNDERERS PICK-UP and DELIVERY 804 Victoria Rd. 562-4445 George St. 562-5246 Charlotte St. 564-6477 K-Mart 564-6388 314 Charlotte Street SYDNEY Moore's Electric CaLtd. ENTERPRISE Electric and Oil Ranges Oil Fired Heating Systems 67 Stanley St & Commercial St Phone 794-4707 Phone 794-3711 NC??TH SYDNEY Cape Br'toa's Magazan'/7
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