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Page 42 - With Frank E. Jackson at 99

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1983/8/1 (288 reads)

tion, and I said, "I know there's going to be an appointment to Customs, and I'd like you to think of me," And he didn't say very much, I knew nothing more about it un? til next March--this was in the fall. Next March, got a notice I was appointed. That's how I went in! I entered the Customs service in 1912 as a preventive officer. But was promoted to customs officer, eventually to the top job, as collector, I wanted to be a customs of? ficer and work indoors, not outside. It was called preventive officer because I had to do a certain amount of that, I had to meet the vessel between St. Pierre-Mi- quelon and North Sydney. And I had to board some vessels. But I never was out on rum sleuth, never was hunting for liquor. My work was principally in office. The liq? uor that was taken was given to me as col? lector in Customs, for storage, I was ac? countable for it. Oh, there was many a ves? sel-load brought in to me. And I would have to gauge it, test it, appraise it, and then go in court and give evidence, when there were trials. And then, after the trial, maybe a month or more, I got or? ders to have it spilled. Well, I'd have to witness the spilling and testify to that fact. There was a well in our warehouse, with a grating over the top. Rum kegs have a bung in them, but that was too slow. And the officers that I'd have doing the spil? ling would put it on end and drive in the head with the axe--shower them. But they'd empty it quicker. With a bottle of goods, we had a large metal drum with holes in the bottom, and we'd put that over the grating, and hit it with a hammer, break bottle after bottle. Liquid'd go down into the steel drum and through. We'd fill the drum with glass, then dump it on the floor, fill it again. The sewer from this warehouse emptied into the harbour. And one day, we were spilling a lot of rum and alcohol, and a big salmon flopped up on the shore--we believe he got drunk! Flopped up on the shore. Had a man carry him out some distance--we never saw him again. (Did you ever drink yourself?) No. I had no use for it, and thought it was not good for anybody, but that's as far as it went. When I went in Customs work first, I had to taste it, I didn't know the difference between gin and rum. I knew nothing about liquor whatever. The way I was instructed-- there wasn't very much. It'd only be per? haps a dozen people would come from St. Pi? erre that would have any with them at all. And some of them would be only just a light cheap wine, not hard liquor at all. And I was instructed to open a bottle and put it on my hand and rub my hands. And if my hand stayed wet, well, let them take it--there's no alcohol in that. But if my hand dried quickly, that was taken to the Custom House and they had to pay duty on it. When I first went in the service, I used to take a sip to see if it was sharp or anything. But afterwards, of course, I learned to use the proper apparatus. (Pro? hibition was not on in 1912.) That was lat- ',K.3fmmun Ctft. PRESCRIPTIONS-COSMETICSTOILETRIfcb. ETC. INVERNESS PHONE 258-2400 NOVA SCOTIA "Turn left at the Causeway • Route 19 • It's a lovely way to go." Re photo, p. 37: "Near the corner of Commercial St, and Archibald Ave, about 1904, At extreme right. Bent & Co- hoon Hardware on the site of what was in*recent times the Fire Hall; second from right, the Vendome Hotel. Foreground buildings on both sides of street were de? stroyed in 1913 fire," (E, Jackson, North Sydney) ATLANTIC SPRING & MACHINE CO.. LTD. 564-5559 - 40 Kings Road, Sydney - 564-5550 General Machine Shop & Forge, Mining Equipment, Mar- ine Repairs, Welders, Automotive Springs, Fasteners G, Ingraham CHETICAMP, N.S.. Co-operative Artisanale de Cheticamp Limitee p. 0. Box 98, Cheticamp, Inverness Co., N. S. (224-2170) Meats & Groceries Central Ave., Inverness, N. S. Store 258-2106 Open: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Home 258-2781 Produit de laine crochete. Finest hooking in virgin wool is our specialty. Acadian Meals Soupes - Mets au poisson Pate a la viande Crepes aux pommes de terre Our shop is located in Cheticamp on the Cabot Trail. Monday - Sunday 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. May 15 - Oct. 15 Acadian Museum Better Health Centre 369 Charlotte Street, Sydney - 562-1237 MORE THAN A HEALTH FOOD STORE Natural Foods Cheese Frank' Stationery office supplies gifts * greeting cards school supplies * books 562-3199 Natural Cosmetics Vitamins :42)lai Take a Value . , ,., - ?? CAPE BRETON SHOPPING Now WP ArP r? MAYFLOWER MALL --GRAND i'K'MM vvv'/Aiv'w pQ'j HAWKESBURY SHOPPI ALL OPEN 'TILL 10 PM DAILY home todawi LAZA -- SYDNEY RIVER LAKE ROAD NG CENTRE -- PORT HAWKESBURY DEPARTMENT STORES
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