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Page 25 - Sam Glode: Travels of a Micmac

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1983/12/1 (523 reads)

to stop at a place called Banff and have a good bath in a sulphur spring there. So I took the boat to Vancouver and got on the CPR. I stopped off at Banff and stayed at the hotel there for two days. I had a bath in one of the sulphur springs. I didn't like it much. I stopped in Montreal for a- while, having a good time with some sports there that I had guided for, at Milford, N. S. Then I went to Boston and had a good time there. After that I went back to guiding for sports at the Milford House. The American sports often invited me to come and visit them in the winter, and I would go. I re? member one fall going to Sidney, Ohio, hunting ducks with the sports in the corn? fields, in the ponds that the rain made. I went to Boston quite a lot in the winters. The sports used to pay my expenses, put me up at a hotel, and so on. They took me to prize fights and theatres and things like that. First one man would take me around, then another. In the spring of 1911 I was in Digby and met a man named Hanson. He asked me to go to work with him in New Brunswick. He was a timber cruiser from Fredericton. I used to get $1.50 a day as a guide, so he of? fered me $2.00 a day. I crossed over the Bay of Fundy on the ferry steamer and took the train to Fredericton. Hanson put me at a boardinghouse there. I had nothing to do the first day or two, so I crossed over the river to a Malecite Indian settlement called St. Mary's. Those Malecites talk something like Micmacs, but a lot of what they said I couldn't understand. Among themselves they referred to me as "Skee- jeenoo," which I think meant "This fel? low." But there was a Micmac man in St. Mary's, married to a Malecite woman, so I got along fine. One evening he took me to a house where there was a party of Male- cite men and women drinking "bee beer" and dancing. There was a fiddle going and they would dance a square dance or two; then some of them would get out on the floor and do a kind of shuffle dance, hollering all the time. It was fun. I danced with some of the women. The first thing I knew Railings Fire Escapes Room Dividers Spiral Staircases Wrought Iron Furniture 564-2075 Sydport Industrial Park The Iron Shop Ltd, I Island View Restaurant Manigo 756-3300 Unique Year Round Dining '[m 'r'' FULLY LICENSED Friday Evening Entertainment'''j''' Reasonable Prices Eel Dishes * Ethnic Favourites Seafood * Char-Broiled Steaks & Chops Manigo Game Platter TRANS-CANADA HWY, WHYCOCOMAGH MICMAC INDIAN RESERVE it was morning, and I went back to Freder? icton and got my breakfast. Hanson and I got on the train to Campbell? ton. There was a Micmac settlement there, and Hanson sent me over to hire a couple of men to work as ax-men on the timber cruise. The he;ad man there was a fellow named Bolykop (Polycarp • THR) Martin. He got two of his Indians to go. From Camp? bellton we took the train to Apseegoo sta? tion and set out up the Apseegoosh River (Upsalquitch River--THR) in a long boat and some dugout canoes. Those dugouts are easy to pole upstream. They are shallow like a dish. We went up to The Forks and turned up another stream. At one place there was only a little way through the woods to Grand Falls on the St. John River. The Malecite cook in our party showed me where the portage trail was. We had a .32 calibre rifle and a salmon rod. I used to shoot deer and catch salmon for the whole party of six. We were cruis? ing timber up there for two months. The timber was mostly spruce, with some hem? lock and pine. Then we came down to Camp? bellton and took the train back to Fred? ericton. Then we went up.the St. John Riv? er and did a lot of timber cruising to? wards Woodstock. We finished in October, and I came back to the Milford House and CONTINUED NEXT PAGE Ask us about energy! CALLENERINFO 1-424-5727 toll free in Nova Scotia We can provide independent advice on: CALL US: Put your energy into saving some. >C Department of Mines and Energy (25)
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