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> Issue 6 > Page 14 - Lauchie C. Gillis, Skinning a Lamb

Page 14 - Lauchie C. Gillis, Skinning a Lamb

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1973/12/1 (846 reads)

the anus) with the first cut (7) and you just come under and meet it with the next one. (11, see drawing. The encircled area is taken in the hand and drawn out, the intestine coming with it. You pull until it breaks off inside.) And where it breaks it will close and no manure will get inside the body cavity. Skin under the tail and with the same motion you cut off the tail about 3 or 4 inches out. Do a little skin? ning around the thighs, which has to be done to give you a start there. Make a lit? tle hole between the tendon and the bone (of the back legs) so you can hang it. And that is the end of Marking. You cannot touch the warm flesh, anywhere, after you touch wool with your hand. It will get that taste in there. It goes through the meat • just like hot milk will pick up a taste;y6u have to wait for the natural heat to come out before you put it in the fridge • now look (Lauchie's about to begin Punching) every time I touch that wool I've got to dip my hands. (There is a large pail of fresh water at his side. Some people do remove the pelt with a knife but the risk of cutting the pelt and the carcass is not worth it • not when careful punching should produce a smooth, flesh- less pelt and a carcass '''ithout a tear. One hand holds the flesh taut and away from the meat, the other is clenched in a fist delivering smooth, solid blows.) Hang the carcass with a hook in the tendon on both sides. Get your knife under the skin and split the hide right down to the breast. If you want to, you can skin a little bit to give you a hold. Then shove the palm of the right hand against car? cass and pull the hide with the other. When you have enough to hold with one hand, you punch with the other. Around the legs here you usually punch up. And here (work? ing along the body) you punch from you. Straight forward. Only here (the foreleg) the leg is already skinned on the front and you just get your hand in • you've got to be very careful • an a 'rful lot of amateurs in place of going on the outside they go LORD'S. 'SUPERVALUE PHARMACIES SYDNEY SHOPPING CENTRE & GLACE BAY • k PRINTERS LTD. 180 TOWNSEND STREET, SYDNEY, N.S. TELEPHONE (902) 564-8245 Formerly Cape Breton Printers Cape Breton's Maga2ine/14 D. GOLDMAN & SONS LTD. "THt: HOME OF FLNE SEAFOOD" • Gallant Street, Glace Bay • Terminal Bldg Sydney Airport
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