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Page 42 - A Visit with Dave Epstein

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1983/12/1 (370 reads)

leave the pack outside by the road, and come in. Then I asked them if they needed anything. Some of them would say, "Yes, come in." And then they were very kind, very kind. I got accustomed, I was just at home with them. (But at first you didn't like it.) No, no. One time I went around the bay in Ingonish, and I met--I was 15 years old--there were some nice girls down there. They asked me to have lunch. And I was trying to take off the pack. The pack went over me, and I got pinned down in the bag, and I got em? barrassed. And I went to the shore. And right by the shore, I started to write a note. And I was going to throw myself into the water. There was a friend of mine came with a horse and wagon; Sherman was his name. And he saw me sitting there, crying and writ? ing. So, I told him the story of what had happened. So, he took me on his horse and wagon. He also peddled. He carried me a- round for a week, till I got acquainted with other people. I was already a citizen. I could converse with them, and the people were very nice to me. I was there 7 months, and I made $312 saved--$312, I remember it. And when I came back, I owed $200--I was behind! They used to send me the refills by boat. I used to write to my uncle. He used to send me whatever I needed. (So after 7 months' work....) I was out $200. I came back. I started working with him in the store. I still owed $20.0. And I was just 15, 16 ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE OF CAPE BRETON Joe's Vferehouse The Food Emporium Cape Breton's Newest and Largest Restaurant SPECIALIZING IN AGED PRIME 'CUTS OF ROAST BEEF & STEAKS 6e ONE OF THE MOST UNIQUE SALAD BARS IN THE MARITIMES! ICABARETI! OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 'TIL 3 A.M. Live Entertainment Nightly 424 Charlotte Street 539-6686 539-0408 RESTAURANT CABARET BANQUET FACILITIES ARE AVAILABLE years old, coming. But I took like a duck to water. I liked the store. Oh, it was my life. (What did you like about it?) I liked to sell, to talk to people selling, oh, 'cause they're interesting. It was in? teresting to me. And I was with him for, oh, about a year, maybe a year or so. We used to go to the sample room to buy mer? chandise. Travellers used to come from Montreal and sell goods. My uncle used to take me along. And suits--we used to buy stuff that sold for $12, $13, in that time, $15. So I picked out a suit that had to sell for about $30, $28. Uncle said, "You buy that? You'll never be able to sell it." I said, "Uncle, just let me buy one." I bought it. The one suit came in a few weeks after. And a fellow walked in, a nice young man. I looked him over. I said, "I've got something nice for you." A New? foundlander. I sold that suit for $28.50. And business at that time--he used to take in about $100 a week, $150, and that was kind of good. What I used to do later, be? fore breakfast, see, he used to take in in a week. So he came out and saw the sale of $28.50. So I told him. He grabbed me and kissed me. And whoever came in, whoever came in contact with him, he told what a wonderful salesman I am, what a wonderful sa"lesman. And that built me up. There were only about 15 or 20 Jewish fam-- ilies in the Pier. About 20 Jewish fami? lies, 25 then. (In all of Sydney.) Yeah. At that time Glace Bay had over a hundred. Eventually we had 300 families between Syd- East Coast Kitchens "THE KITCHEN PROFESSIONALS Thinking of BUILDING or REMODELLING? Building a home or planning on remodelling . your kitchen, drop in your plans or make an appointment for FREE DESIGNS AND ESTIMATES. HURRY NOW-NO COST OR OBLIGATION EAST COAST KITCHENS 87 Industrial Dr., Sydney 539-9682 (42)
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