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Page 50 - Advert: Telecommunications Via Satellite

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1983/12/1 (329 reads)

Telecommunications Via Satellite Canada is a leader in the world of satellite com munications: the Canadian satellites in orbit around the ' Earth were developed under the guidance of the Depart? ment of Communications and provide vital services to the nation. Linking isolated communities, exchanging infor mation. telemedicine, tele-education, exploring, prospect ing our natural resources, surveillance of our territories, search and rescue of accident victims, mobile radio? telephone networks, • all are examples of the concrete applications of satellite communications that the Depart ment of Communications helps to provide to Canadians from coast to coast. Our compete our resources have madel leaders in this domain. The De' .''' ment of Communications has plaB most advanced technology at our dis'p Our satejIite'g'ejTiaking the benefit of ??3 availab<"" Let's benefit from this technology, it's ours! ! Canada
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