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Page 6 - Travels with Johnny "Butch" MacDonald

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1984/6/1 (291 reads)

much beef off of that." That's not a beef animal, that's a milk cow. This other fel? low will take it, and he'll like her, too. I know it. (And what'11 make the differ? ence?) Well, just the difference between him and her. He'll give the cow a chance. He knows, he's been around cattle all his life, he knows. She's there, she was scared to death. "The cow's kicky, the cow's this." The cow's not, I know it, (And even though this other fellow owed you money, you'll still give him more ani? mals.) Yes, yes. Oh yeah. Sure. These fel? lows are as honest as the sun. It'll take time, but you'll be taking cattle from him. He'll call up when he has a cow to sell, or a couple of cows to sell. (So you may never actually see money from him.) From him, no. I'll never see money like that, SAFETY keep away, it may be live and dangerous. Guard it, and send someone to call us. nova scotia power corporation (6) no. (But you'll see it in the form of an? other cow.) That's right, that's right, yes. (Your banker must be delighted.) John? ny laughs: Well, let him worry about it. (The same cow is taken off at another farm.) (Now here, there was no dickering, no noth? ing. They're happy to take the animal.) That's right. Well now, this cow (one we've just taken on the truck), I left it there some time ago. I had no place for it, and I just left it there. I said, "Here, I've got a cow." Sometimes you leave a cow in a place. I said, "Milk her." And I said, "When I get a sale for her, I',11 come and take her." And he said, "All right. If she's good, I'll keep her." I said, "All right." So I was talking to him, and he's not going to keep her. So I left him anoth? er one, and I'm sure he'll buy the other one. (Now what will you do with the cow you've just taken from him?) This one? Oh, there's another fellow waiting for it. Somebody'11 take her. (Does the other fel? low know he's waiting yet?) Oh yes, he knows he's waiting. He's expecting me this evening. I told him I'd be there. (So now, this cow has been at one farm, but they weren't completely happy.) That's right. She was only there for about, oh, a week. (And this fellow wasn't pleased with her.) That's right. (Now, you've just given this fellow a new cow that didn't work out some? where else.) That's right. (But he may end up happy with it.) That's correct. I know it's going to happen this time. I'm sure of it. (And you're taking away a cow that he wasn't completely satisfied with.) That's ri-ght. In the first place, he's a- THE SPLENDOUR AND THE GLORY OF AN UNFOJ'GETTABLE SEAFARING ADVENTURE SCHOONER: BLUENOSE I AND BLUENOSE II BY SILVER DONALD CAMERON This is the story of two extraordinary and beloved ships, and of the proud, impetuous and fiercely determined men who have sailed them. It is a stir? ring account of a storm-tossed voyage through his? tory, and of the tragedy, joy and inspiration which have followed in the wake of Bluenose I and Bluenose II. $4.95 paperback AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL NEWSSTAND DISTRIBUTED BY H. H. MARSHALL LIMITED
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