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Page 43 - Noel Morris's Encounter with the Devil

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1984/6/1 (943 reads)

Noel Morris's Encounter with the Devil A long time ago, Noel (nicknamed Jipi'n) told the story about how he frightened the devil once when he was visited by him. Evi? dently while he was sleeping soundly in his house, he suddenly heard someone tam? pering with his cupboards, and making loud noises with his feet. Then, just as suddenly, everything quieted down. Since all was quiet again, he at? tempted to go back to sleep, thinking that it probably was just a dream. Just as he was dozing off the second time, again he heard someone noisy. This time he got up and walked to the other room to see if any? one had walked in his house. As he entered the kitchen, there stood the devil. He wasn't the least bit frightened of him. He simply asked him what it was he wanted. The devil spoke up and said, "I want to take a man back with me and if I can beat you in a dance I'll take you!" The old man stood back and thought of this challenge carefully and as soon as he thought of a way to beat him in dance, he said to the devil, "Okay, I accept the challenge!" The devil smiled broadly upon hearing the acceptance. He was certain he could dance better than the old man and that he would not go home empty handed. The devil proceeded to the middle of the room and began his dance. The old man watched him very carefully, watching his every step. The devil put everything into his dance. His whole body twisted in every way and his feet showed many different steps. The old man was surprised at his 100% effort, but still he wasn't afraid. He just stood there and waited for him to complete his dance so that he could begin his own dance and attempt to out-dance him. Finally the devil completed his dance. I guess he was mightily tired and had put on awful sweat. He turned to the old man and said, "It's not easy to dance when you're horsefooted." CONTINUED NEXT PAGE KI'S SA'Q, AKNUTK NUEL, TELI AMALWI'TA'- TITL JIPI'N, TA'N TELI WTAIWASNA MNTUA NE'KI PEJI MITTUKWALJEK. KE'SK TO'Q TELI WLI NPAJ WIKUAQ, JIJUAQA NUTUATL NA'TUENL I' MTEWO'TMLIJ EPTAQNJI'JUO'KUOM, AQQ NKUTEY KESIKAWETESKAWEJEL. APP NA TO'Q WISQIW JENTESK. NA KWETNU'KWALSIT KISI APAJI NPAN, ETLITE'TK PASIK TLKUSIN. KE'SK SUEL KISI NPAJ APP TA'PUEWEY KI'STO'Q APP NUTUATL I' MTEWE'LITL NA'TUENL. NA TUJIW TO'Q MENJA'SIT AQQ ELIET A'SE'K NAJI ANKAMATL ME' WENL KISI PISKWA'LIN WI'KK. NA TELI PISKIPUKUA'SIT WLA A'SEY NA NEMIATL MNTU'L KAQMILITL. LPA TO'Q MU TALI KWTAYAKUKL. SKMTUK PIPANIMATL TA'N KOQOEY MENUEKELIJ. MNTU TO'Q KELUSA'SIT TELIMATL "MENUEKEY JI'NM, AQQ KISI WISUOQTESKMULANN AMALKEWAQNIKTUK, NA EIMA'LUL KI'L!" NITAPTUT ANKITA'SIT TO'Q KISIKUO'P JIPI'N. TA'N TUJIW KISITE'TK TLI WISUOQTESKMUATAL NA TELIMATL "A". WTUTESKATITESNU TI! E'PLEWI WSIKEWIKWA'SIT TI TO'Q WLA MNTU. ANSMA KETLEWITE'TK WISUOQTESKMUAN KISIKUO'- PAL AQQ KETLEWITE'TK MU ALU'TUKLIN. MEKWAIKE'L TO'Q WLA A'SEY KAQMA'SIT AQQ POQTITESINK MNTU. JIKEIWATL TO'Q MENAQA KISIKUO'P ANKAMATL TA'N TELTESINLIJ. OQOTEYJI'J E'PLEW TESINK TO'Q WLA MNTU. KAQISI MILIKTESINK AQQ KAQISI MILIKTESKL WKWATL. PA'QLAYATL KISIKU TA'N TELI E'PLEWTESINLIJ, KATU ME' KI'KAJIW MU TALI KWTAYAKUKL. KAQMIT TO'Q PASIK ESKMALATL KAQTESINLIN KWLAMAN APP NEKM KISI AMALKATEW WJI WISUOQTESKMUATAL. KLAPIS KATU TO'Q KAQTESINK MNTU. NIKMA'TJI'J SIWIET TO'Q AQQ TEKNAMUKSIT. TELUET TO'Q "MU LaCuisineAcadienne Fully Licensed Restaurant & Dining Room Charcoal Steaks Fresh Seafood a Specialty Home Cooked Meals Light Snacks Meat Pies - Pizzas - Chinese Food Louisdale, Cape Breton, N. S. Tel. 345-2817 Fleur-de-Lis Trail, Route 3'0, Richmond County OPEN YEAR ROUND Railings Fire Escapes Room Dividers Spiral Staircases Wrought Iron Furniture 564-2075 Sydport Industrial Park The Iron Shop Ltd. Matties Meats and Groceries Meat Fish Freezer Beef Fresh Local Vegetables Grocery Items * OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK * Reeves St., Port Hawkesbury 625-1124 Moraffs Yarns rf Crafts Wools, Synthetics & Blends by • Mary Maxim • Patons • Bernat • Enfu • Lopi • Jasg*' • White Buffalo • Nomotta 100% Wool from New Brunswick rince Edward Island - Cape Breton ASK TO SEE Angora Camel Hair Alpaca JMohair Linen Bteods Cashmere Tapestries - Crewel .-O'eooupage - Macrame Large inventory of Craft Supplies and iPattems Open dally 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Fridays until 9:00 p.m. Mail Orders Filled Threads for Embroidery, Crochetirg, Weaving, Tatting & Quilting "A World of Yam at Your Fingertips" 752 Victoria Rd., Sydney, N. S. (Phone 564-8339) (43)
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