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Page 54 - Advert: Cape Breton's Magazine

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1984/6/1 (181 reads)

Sydney's BicentenniakTheYear So Far! OPENING CEREMONIES, ' Robbie Burn val Overture, lery/Theatre rm 15 FEB 16 FEB 17-23 Pancake Festiva Only-Bicentennia Armed Forces Ball APR 21-27 APR 26-28 APR 26 RW5-6 MY 1-3 HAY 9-12 MAY 12-18 Airway Beagle Club esa's 50th Anniv.) d Donor Clinic ,Y 18-20 ,Y 19 Y 15-16 per (Wildlife Club) Girls Mini Basketball Tour Gaelic Society Annual Cone Bicentennial Red Cross Bio Regional Conference Atl. P Battle of the Atlantic (Se Mary Queen of Poland Celeb Unveiling Desbarres Statue, Pageantry & Costume N. 5. Comnand R.C.L. Convention Cossitt Family Reunion ICHCA Convention (Int'l) Sydney Harbour Ports Day Seagull Skydivers Inter-Club Competitions Faith Baptist Church Congregational Services Female Barbershop Chorus/Quartet Competition/Conv( Sydney Garden C JUNE 22 JUNE 23 JUNE 27- JULY 26-28 I JULY 28 : JULY 31- . School of Crafts i Highland Conservation AUG 1-10 Boy S( AUG 3-10 Action estival & Parade Newfoundland Day (Br. 128 Legion) Gaelic Society Hilling Frolic Sydney Academy Reunion Class of 1960 UCCB Alumni Reunion Royal Bank, Whitney Pier Br., 75th Anniv. of Br. North Novas Convention • ;'/'- Cromarty Tennis Labou, TBA Blueberry Festival SEPT 1-7 Ethiopian Youth Week TBA Labour Day Parade SEPT 7 Sydney Garden Club Bii SEPT 14-15 Big Barren 200, 200 kr SEPT 14-15 C. B. Antique & Custor SEPT 15 Battle of Britain Zen SEPT 19-21 Anglican Diocesan Syni SEPT 26-28 Atlantic Canada Worksl SEPT 27-29 Syd.'Garrison Warrant' SEPT 28 Stornaway Scottish Soi SEPT 28-29 Polish, St. Michael's Mardi Gras Celebratioi Polish, St St. Andrew Day Dinner/Dance >aie urograms & Supper Programs Bicentennial Sports Night Children's Program Gaelic Society Christmas Ceilidh New Year's Eve Ceilidh, Gaelic See. Bicentennial Closing Ceremonies, Announcement of BI- 1785 - 1985 Register Your Plans Now: p. 0, Phone 539- Box 1985, 1985, or Write: Sydney, N. S. BIP 6H >- • SYlJ'EY200 Edited & Published by Ronald Caplan with the help of Bonnie Thompson & Ruth Schneider JUNE 1984 Cape Breton's MAGAZINE WRECK COVE CAPE BRETON • NOVA SCOTIA BOC IHO You Can Order Early Back Issues ISSUES 1 TO 18 (EXCEPT 2 AND 5) EACH $1.00 Cape Breton's OHc/- All Si ' The FIFTH COLLECTORS' EDI-. TION has stories about the- Canso Causeway, the Port Hood Explosion, Wishie Rose at Sea, Talks with Steelworkers, The C. B. Fiddler, Gaelic Precent- ing, Micmac Chants, Aca? dian Tales, and much more.! It's Issues 25 through 29l bound into one big book. NOW ON SALE EVERYWHERE, 0R| WRITE TO US. Order for yourself and friends. $6.50 1 Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Cape Breton's MAGAZINE CapeBreton's MAGAZINE
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