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Page 65 - A Visit with Steve Whitty, Ingonish Beach

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1984/6/1 (353 reads)

fluke of the anchor--and then the stock part with the ring into it, your buoy line was tied to that. Well, your buoy line, you had a little over the depth of the wa? ter. And then you had a trawl keg, a 5-gal- lon keg, and the first thing you did was fire that over. You put your high flyer in that--we used to call it a black ball--and you'd fire that over first. Then you'd fire your buoy line, then you came to your anchor. And you'd let your trawl go little by little, you know, right slow. Till you got down to the bottom. Well then, as fast as the fellow could row, you could fire the gear. That's it. There's nothing to it. (One fellow rowed.) And the other kept set? ting the gear till you came to the end of the tub. Then you held onto the end of the tub (the trawl line), and you hooked it on? to the next tub, and you did the same with that tub and with every tub. You hook one backline onto the next backline. Then when you got to the outside, your last tub, then you had to do the same with your an? chor- -you had to tie your anchor on first, then your buoy line, then your keg was the last thing. Then, after both dories were done, the man in the big boat, the schoon? er, would pick us up and sail back for the kegs. You come back to your inside end, we call it. And you start hauling; the first tub you set is the first one you haul. If it's a fine day, you leave that first tub down Backline- around two hours before you start to haul it. You'd have a lunch on your way in-- bite to eat--then probably stay an hour, hour and a half, before you'd start to haul. When you haul, you start at the first tub you started to set--the inside end. First thing you do is get your keg and pull your keg in, then you coil your buoy line down--pull that up and coil it down--and then you come to your anchor with your trawl onto it--understand now? Well, your anchor now went into the stem of your dory. And your buoy line and your keg--that went right aft in your dory. Then you untied your trawl, and you were in the forward part of the dory--one fel? low was hauling with a roller in the dory. You had the trawl gear in this roller--and you pull the trawl over that. Only for that roller, you wouldn't get your trawl gear. Because it would be hooking in every? thing. You take trawl gear when it hooks in the bottom, you've got a hard break out, you'd never break it out of a dory. Oh, dear man, that roller's as good as two men on the trawl. The lobster fishermen today have rollers on the side of the boat. And when you'd pull it in, the codfish would be on your gangen. The gangen would be a- bout two and a half feet long; from your nose to the end of your arm--that's the length. And when there'd be a fish, you'd just slap him in your dory and keep on hauling. You never had to look back, you were so used to doing it. If you lost the ">?? Gangen.with Hook- Keg Buoy Line Anchor Anchor "ONE OF THE FOREMOST MUSEUMS IN NOVA SCOTIA' 'mT' Visit an Underground Coal Mine The Miners' Museum Glace Bay, N. 8. Bring your family to enjoy the once in a lifetime experience of touring an actual Coal Mine with a retired miner as your guide. After touring Museum and Mine, visit the well-stocked Gift Shop and the Miners' Village Restaurant on the same 15-acre site located just one mile from downtown Glace Bay. HOURS Museum and Miners' Village 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Daily June 11 until September 7 SPECIAL HOURS Each Tuesday 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. (Inquire about Tuesday Concerts by the Men of the Deeps) Museum Open 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Each Day during Visit of the Tall Ships, July 7-11 For information about group tours or winter hours, PHONE (902)849-4522 v' FESTIVALS AND EVENTS 1984 C June June July July July July July July July Aug. Aug. Aug. Aug. Aug. Sept. Sept. Lobster Supper Rocky Bay Mini Festival St. Ann's Day Festivities R.A.B.A. All-star Baseball Game Lobster Supper Strawberry Festival Road Race Horse Show Acadien Festival Happy Days on River Inhabitants Come Home Weekend St. Peter's Come Home Week Acadien Festival ' Johnstown Milling Frolic River Bourgeois Community Festival Louisdale Fall Fair Lower River Rocky Bay Chapel Island (T.B.A.) St. Peter's Johnstown Arichat L'Ardoise L'Ardoise Lower River D'Escousse St. Peter's Petit de Grat Johnstown River Bourgeois Louisdale Ask at the Tourist Bureaus for Exact Dates 4* Jt', f'lrirr'iV Fletir-de'Lls TraU J Located in southwestern Cape Breton, Richmond County offers its visitors miles of ocean shored canoeing, spectaculai ine, numerous fishing and hiking trails. and country roads ideal for bicyclers (65)
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