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Page 23 - Harry Albert Bulley: Accidents Averted

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1984/8/1 (284 reads)

So we went down. The fall had knocked him out. And he was underneath the car. Kind of dark then. So I told my brakeman, "You crawl under the cars and see how he's ly? ing. Let me know." He came back and told me about it. I said, "Go back the second time and make sure. Because I'm going to move the engine a little bit ahead to get the wheel off his leg." So I moved the en? gine ahead a little bit and I got the wheel off his leg. Went back and got him out of there, and we put a binder on his leg, stop the bleeding, see. We left. We reported all that at River Den- ys. And this operator wanted to know how long I'd take to take him to the hospital. I said, "I'm not going to try unless they give me a clear road. But if you give me a clear road, I'll do it in such-and-such a time." And I had an engine on there, 2412 was her number. She had high wheels. And I made a very fast run on her, on that train, very fast run. I made it faster than what I said I'd make it. And the ambulance was waiting for him when I got there. Well, that fellow lived. He only died here the other day. And I saved his life. And I got a nice card from his wife, congratulating me for what I did. (You were able to keep a lot of accidents from happening.) Oh yes, dear man, yes, I saved an awful lot. And another thing, dear fellow, I wasn't sneaky about it, you know what I mean. But nobody got in troub? le. Nobody was sacked over it, see. I saved them. For the sake of their family and stuff like that. I was keeping in mind, if they were sacked out of work, their fam? ily might be in want. And of course, if there was a liquor charge, or something like that, it'd be different. In an acci? dent, if you had liquor--that'11 do. Even the head man there, if he came up talking to you, and smelled liquor off you, he'd take you right out of the service. And he'd get a doctor at the next station to examine you, to prove his word, if you had liquor on you. You wouldn't have to be drunk. There you go. I came into Orangedale. And nobody wanted to fire for this fellow. He was kind of a cranky fellow, you know, the old fellow, nobody wanted to fire for him. So they got me that day--they couldn't get a fireman. So I had my mileage in--you'd make so many miles, then you'd be cut off, by the end of the month. So they called me up; they asked me would I go with him. I said, "Yes. He's not paying me." I said, "The C.N.R.'s paying me. I'll go with him, certainly." So I went out with him, anyhow. It was al? right going up. But we were coming down Or? angedale, there was a fellow jumped on the fbra's-'ift Shop Located 2 miles south of Cheticamp at POINT CROSS, ''jjfj The shop with the two fishing boats. s'fffr Largest display of Cheticamp Hooked Rugs Art Gallery with oil paintings by local artists Coasters • Chair Seats Other Handcraftb Wall hangings Knitted Sweaters, Socks & Mitts Sceneries • Rugs Shawls; Ponchos and Placemats If we don't have it, Quilts, Souvenirs we'll make it. Large parking for campers and buses. OPEN 7:30 AM • 9 PM DAILY Cheticamp, Cabot Trail, N.S. 902-224-3139 VHS Tapes * Movie Rentals * VCR Rentals B&B; Video YOUR PANASONIC DEALER PORT HAWKESBURY CENTRE Phone 625-3150 cuomfoifi HOIIU located 1/2 mile off the Cabot Trail at Neil's Harbour 336-2288 Enjoy your favorite seal (23)
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