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Page 25 - Harry Albert Bulley: Accidents Averted

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1984/8/1 (264 reads)

en to me with only the Green clearance. When I had a meet on Extra 11 at Gibbons, the order was not given to me. But I saw the other train coming and averted another wreck. 5. Coming down on No. 7 train as Engineer one morning in 1950, with 9 passenger cars. Looking ahead, I saw that the switch was not in the right position, I stopped the train and found that the switch was run through, I spiked the switch and reported it, thus saving another wreck. This hap? pened at Tupper Junction and would have been a bad wreck as a derailer is at the other end of the switch, 6. Coming down on Way-Freight one morning for Hastings, We left early that morning from Havre Boucher, and there was a crew welding the tracks, They had five or six tanks on the trolley, and they did not flag me as they were not thinking, I was almost on top of them when I stopped the train. Another accident averted. 7. Coming to Sydney on S & L Engine 70 with a full load of coal, 25 cars of coal and two loads of scrap at rear end, I got a High Ball from the train ahead that eve? rything was all right. But I saw an engine on the track fouled ahead of me so I kept my brake on, saving a wreck, 8. Coming down as Engineer on 602 Railiner one evening late March in 1960, I had a lot of passengers, I left Stellarton late, and by making up this time, I saved the passengers and Railiner from going over a steep cliff, about 50 feet deep and into the water, A train going west with two die- sel engines struck the mud slide and went over the bank. Another accident averted by making up this time. 9. Engineer on Extra one night on double- header, I looked back going around Gilli Cove and I saw fire coming from the wheel of a car. I stopped the train and found a car off the track. I got replacers and put the car back on the track with nothing tied up. Another accident averted, 10. Engineer on No. 8 train after leaving West Bay station. I looked back at the cars and saw a light under a car. I stopped the train to examine this and dis? covered the journal of the wheel cracked. I had it set off and averted an accident, 11. Engineer on Railiner 602 coming into Sydney west of Townsend Street. There was a man asleep and drunk on the track. I stopped the train and got him off the track. Another accident averted. 12. Engineer on Railiner 601. On stormy winter morning at Sydney River Bridge, I saw a woman on the middle of the bridge. When she saw the train she got excited and did not know which way to go. I stopped the Railiner to get her off the track. An? other accident averted. 13. Engineer on 601 going west, coming in? to Little Bras d'Or. An oil truck went in front of the Railiner at the crossing. I stopped the train in time to avert an acci? dent. 14. Engineer on shunter in Yard. I missed the brakeman at the front of the engine. I stopped the engine, and found the brake- man's leg under the foot board of the en? gine. I save an accident and maybe the man's life. 15. Engineer on Shunter in yard backing up on train to couple on cars. The brakeman was going through the cars at the same time and the coupling only touched his stomach by my slight move in the coupling on cars. Accident averted. CONTINUED NEXT PAGE
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