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> Issue 37 > Page 48 - A Legend Reconsidered "Granny Ross" by Elva E. Jackson

Page 48 - A Legend Reconsidered "Granny Ross" by Elva E. Jackson

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1984/8/1 (503 reads)

some time before 1829 with Benjamin Etter as the first teacher. We have the record of a letter written to him by Edmund Ross and Miles McDaniel. The latter had bought William Ross' place when William and his family moved to Washabuck. Dated 2nd Feb? ruary 1829, we read: We the subscribing proprietors of the school taught by you in our settlement have taught it our duty to write you these fue lines. In the first case school hours from nine to three and dark to nine untill the tenth of March, then New Regula? tions for six months. Second case that all scholars taught by you shall be teached their prayers once in twenty-four hours every one in their own profession. Thirdly that we shall look to you for the propor? tion of house rent, board, lodging and fule for each and every person that you shall take into the school who is not a subscriber. We note that at that time those who em? ployed a teacher subscribed a pound per pupil per term and classes were held in the various homes in turn. Granny Ross had four children in her mar? riage with James Ross, two dying in infan? cy, and a boy and a girl living to grow up. Through her son there has been an unbroken succession of Rosses who have lived on the same farm. Through six generations we have James, Joseph Sr., Joseph Jr., Thomas, Charles, and Douglas • the last three now living on the centre 200 acres of the orig? inal 400. The first Joseph gave the centre 200 to his son Joseph, the southern 100 to his son William, and the northern 100 to his son James. It may seem unbelievable to note that Granny's son Joseph was bom when she was 56. Granny, however, had not reached her middle age as she still had 61 years of life to live. Joseph was bom in 1799. Though Granny's only daughter married Bra- ziel Ryan and moved to Grand River in the Codroy district of Newfoundland, the popu? lation of the farm steadily increased. The old log cabin had been discarded many years before and a frame house had been built several hundred yards away on the other side of the brook. Now Granny ush? ered a succession of grandchildren into the world until Joseph and Sarah had 10 children--Ann, Jane, Sarah, Henrietta, Mary, Rachael, Elizabeth, William, Joseph and James. In 1841 Granny's grandchild, Jane, now 19, married Donald Ross, no relation, who had been bom at Kilmuir, Isle of Skye, Scot? land, in 1816. She went to live at Portree 6 miles up the rivero Their seventh child, bom in 1856, was to be my maternal grand? father. Their youngest child, born in 1866, to whom I owe much information, told me a- Vogue Cleaners Prince Street, Sydney * Quality Same-Day Dry Cleaning * SUEDES REPAIRS 1)a4's KLtU MEAT ts lillAVhtl GROCERIES OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 9-9 TO SERVE YOU BETTER ST. PETERS PH. 535-3363 SHOPATHOME INTERNAV A Complete Line of LoranCReceivers for All Boatsmen Sydport Industrial Park, Point Edward 564-2043 St. Peters Drug Store Ltd. For your new home Our sales consultant will come to your home and show you our complete selection of fine homes. With absolutely no obligation. Don Stone, Ph. C., Open 6 Days ?? Proprietor Week Mon. to Thur. open until 8 p.m. Fri. until 9 p.m. Sat. until 5 p.m. 535-2203 St. Peters, N.S. OPEN: Mon-Fri 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Sat 10 a.m.-4 p.m. MA IL TO: Plewe tend ut more information ivDNE Y'N V' I We enclote $1.00 to cover henclllnB| ''''''*' NAME D modular homes ADDRESS _ D component hornet D mini hornet PHONE __ MODEL HOMES AND SALES OFFICES Dirtfflouth. 434-7600 Ktntviile... 678-6330 Sydney 539-4219 Tniro 895-2879 Yiraoulh... 742-7639 AGENTS Almi 396-4146 Amkirtt... 667-1566 or on Trans-Canada Hwy. 5 miles west of Baddeck • Swimming Pool - Hot Showers • Laundromat - Camper's Store • Supervised Children's Program • Full Hook-ups - Canoeing 295-2288 BADDECK - CABOT TRAIL KAMPGROUND * RIVERBOAT TOURS * (48)
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