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Page 8 - With Katie Margaret Gillis, Mabou Coal Mines

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/1/1 (392 reads)

cept my sister, and a couple of the Mac- Eachem girls, and one Beaton girl--they got married up there. (But you didn't?) No, I don't know how--I've been asked that question so often. (What question is that?) How is it that I ever came home, and how I loved being there. I met Angus. I came home here (for a visit). And Angus was born in that house up there, just above me. That's the old home. I was in the Coal Mines, and there was a little dance, a little house dance. So An? gus was only 16, a little better than 16, when I met him. I was older. I'm 4 years older. So I went to the dance this night-- no intentions--walking with high heels from the Coal Mines, and gravel road. Af? ter coming from New York, you know. We didn't go with anybody--Katherine, my neighbour, and I. We thought, well, we'll go up and see what it's like. And there was a lot of moonshine and things. And of course, I wasn't very fond of this. So, oh, we danced, anyway. If there was a dance in blazes, I'd get it--oh, I loved dancing. And going home--this uncle of Angus came and he said, "I'm going to walk you home." And I said, "Oh, we're fine"--Katherine and I--it was coming 5 o'clock in the morn? ing. Danced all the time! So this young fellow comes out, and he comes over, and he says, "Are you going to walk down in the dark through here?" I said, "Katherine is with me, and we're not afraid of any? thing." So Angus took my arm, and off we went. He was only that young, and shy. Oh, they all teased him home about the New Yorker! EVERYONE WHO BURNS MONEY SHOULD HAVE HIS HEAT EXAMINED. A neglected furnace often hides its troubles inside, annong the soot and dirt. But sooner or later, inner problems are a pain in the fuel bill. Before you crumple it, call a serviceman. Get an annual check-up. Vacuum soot, adjust flame, change filters, lubricate motors, inspect controls, replace 1' nozzle: all done in one hour. Ask about dropping the nozzle size on an oversized furnace. Clean or replace air filters regularly. Get a combustion efficiency test. Could be a flame retention head will save you up to 20%. Write for your free "Home Heating Workbook." It reviews Mines and Energy all heating systems, costs, pros and cons. Examine the facts. Examine the furnace. Call or write the Nova Scotia Department of Mines and Energy, P.O. Box 668, Halifax, N.S. B3J2T3. 1-424-5727, TOLL FREE. Put your eneii;y into saving some. Well, then I went (back to New York) that fall, and he sent me a Christ? mas card, never think? ing anything of it. 'Cause I didn't bother-- I had a good time, the way I was. By gosh, af? ter that, wrote for 13 long years. And I only saw him about twice in all that time. Oh, no thoughts I'd ever be home, no. Only just cra? zy letters about fish? ing. He was fishing in the Coal Mines. He gave me all the news about the Coal Mines gang that I chummed with, and where I was born. Then on, in 1936, Mom died. She died with can? cer; she was 56. I came home from New York. He was home fishing that year. Only saw him once or something, home. I had no desire for any? one when Momma was gone. We were so sad for her, you know. First in the family. He sent me the diamond on Christmas Day; it came to New York. In the mail. But for all, we had no intentions, or never said too much-- you know, when you don't see anybody for 13 years, only just once or twice. I didn't know what to say, when the registered letter came to the door. I had no intentions I was go? ing to get such a gift. I had sent just a card or something, down to him. It was from Noran- da, Quebec. Then I wrote back and said I got it, I was very happy. (8)
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